Thursday , October 6 2022

Video: Man City Shakhtar heads a half a dozen goals to the Champions League


MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – Manchester City won the sixth victory over Donetsk's saga on Wednesday in the fourth round of the Champions League.

The goals of Al-Siti against Shakhtar were David Silva, Gabriel Jesus Hattrick, Rahim Stirling and Riad Mehrez on 13, 24, 49, 72, 84 and 90.

French Olympique Lyon has come home to the German club Hoffenheim with two goals in the Olympique Lyon in the same group for the last two minutes.

Manchester City is the top G-group with nine points to postpone his qualification to the next round, 3 points behind the other placed by Lyon by 6 points, while Hoffenheim is the third with 3 points.

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