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April: Press Record – 24/12/2018


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April says it was immediately set up on the basis of the restoration of the Arierea Reserve business under its subsidiary from the fiscal year 2007 to 2015, which was proposed to immediately fix the French tax administration. In Malta. Regarding the repair workplace workplace, the employee is in relation to the management and management of the agreement, and the qualifications of these activities and especially the effective management mechanisms. .
The APRL Group confirms this explanation that its locality is monitored by the Commercial Business Malta Mali Service Authority, which is in compliance with the applicable European rules and market procedures and are located in APRIL's management and administrative institutions in Austria Rita.

The current explanation has been approved by the Tax Administration in its proposal to present the demand for $ 69.8 million, which is not required on this stage. The APRL Group has intended to protect its interests and to defend its benefits. This is studying various resources for this and, on this stage, plans to record 15 million dollars in closed closure in 2018.

It is likely that the question of group's question does not arise. As, the April Group gives the purpose of increasing its current operating income, which reaches to a maximum of 6 to 10% for the year ended December 31, 2018.


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This It is expressed that contain further statements that are appropriately based on or dependent on the date of release or may be In particular, uncertainty and uncertainty and letter related to economic, financial, regulatory and competitive environment, the registration of 2017 is an unknown or unexpected threat to the threat and the threat of this threat. This may be possible. The company publishes or accesses these such arguments or updates as part of the responsibility to appear in the period of the publisher periodically and permanently.

About April

Is a international insurance services group set up in April, established in 1988, with the operation of 31 countries, whose magnitude is an easy and more efficient insurance experience to present its customers. In addition to distributing and managing its 3,800 jobs, designal insurance solutions (health and well-being, harm, transportation and legal protection) as well as support for your partners and customers. People, professors and businesses. The encyclopedic pears were converted, in group 2017, it got 934.4 million varieties of Euros.
Full organized information is available on our Web site www.april.com.

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