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Benin finished second with eight medals – Free Morning


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(Eric Olafa, Best Sub-Region Judge)

Benin completed sixth of the seven participating countries in the 2018 International Abduan Tivoli Tournament (Tiva). It was from 27 to 28 October 2018. Far behind Côte d 'Ivoire (host country) Benin judokas won eight medals , including two silver and six bronze.

After two days of individual and team competition, the judokas squirrels returned to the fold with two silver and six bronze medals. In Benin, he had a bronze medal in his wallet thanks to Karen Dage (less than 57 kg) and Grace Logozo (less than 66 kg). As a team, Bengal athletes came in four medals, two silver medals and two bronze medals in the order of Bertrand Adjahossou, Grace Logozo, Karen Daga and Forel Sossou. Aude Zountekpo was also a bronze medalist for his commitment under the 60kg team and for brave fighting individually in the category. Federation Secretary General Benin Judo (Fbj) Eric Olafa, World Judge Ijfb, has also won the Best Referee Subregion Cup. In total, Côte d'Ivoire has been on the podium with 15 medals, including seven gold, three silver and five bronze medals. Followed by Burkina Faso with eight medals including two gold, four silver and two bronze medals. Senegal is in third position with three medals, one in gold and two in silver. Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Senegal are the seven nations that responded to Tivas 2018.

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In individual:

1 – Grace Logozo (-66kg) Bronze medalist

2 – Bertrand Adjahossou (-73kg) Bronze medalist

3- Karen Daga (-57kg) Bronze medalist

The team (four teams)

1 – silver medalist Bertrand Adjahossou

2 – thanks to Logos, a silver medalist

3. Karen Daga, bronze medal

4- SossouForel, bronze medalist

5 – bronze medalist Aude Zountekpo

Overall ranking by nation

1. – Côte d'Ivoire (15 medals (of which 7 gold – 3 agents and 5 bronzes)

2. – Burkina Faso (8 medals including 2 gold – 4 silver and 2 bronze)

3. – Senegal (3 medals including 1 gold and 2 silver)

4. – Mali (1 gold medal)

5. Niger (3 medals including 1 gold and 2 bronze)

6. Benin (08 medals including 2 silver and 6 bronze)

7. Ghana with (1 bronze medal)


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