Wednesday , October 5 2022

Caulk: 46 oes from Yeti Slamlands to Medina Bay


KOLK, Oct 17 (EPS) – In total, 46 oes plus 200 people are being evacuated from Salomelands, attending the town of Kulk (center) on Sunday, attending Madinah Bay Gammo, EPS Learn.

The concert, which is held in the central city of Kulak in the religious city of Central Senegal, is an annual event commemorating the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (PSL). The 2021 edition is set for Monday.

On the occasion of this religious ceremony, the Muslim faithful from Senegal, sub-region and continent from many countries, Medina Bay, the city of this city, an important Sufi person by his guide Shaykh-ul-Islam Al-Hajji Ibrahimi. Enjoyes a large audience from Senegal.

In the Salm Islands, we have 20 settlements. Today 46 oes visit Yemen with more than 200 people ats yen whose purpose is to come to Madinah Bay and pay tribute to Sheikh Ibrahim Niaz. B.

“Jamiat Ansar-ud-din” is an association that brings together the loyalists of Shaykh-ul-Islam Al-Hadi Ibrahim Nass in the Sheikh-y world.

These oases are obtained from the Salamlands at the port of Kolkata by the city’s religious and political authorities.

Before independence, it was very difficult to reach the Slamlands. But, in spite of everything, Sheikh Ibrahim Niaz braved the sea to find this population at home and convert them to Islam, “Jesus recalled.

And, he explained, “The population there, in return, prefers to pay tribute to their marabout, on the same route that Shaikh Ibrahim Niaz took.”

“The people of the Salomon Islands want to thank Sheikh Ibrahim Niaz,” Jesus added.

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