Tuesday , January 18 2022

Education Minister Sergey Mayhem, "Nothing can be added to the admission in French universities …"


XALIMESS: The authorities of French universities have decided to increase registration fees for foreign students. Thus, due to the destruction of many Senegal students, they help Senegal's supervisor to help him. Thus, in response to the call of Education Minister (Serengi Maya Tim), in spite of plotting a severe conflict situation, Senegal government could not do anything about this situation despite the government. According to him, this question is the national power. "We can not do anything about getting birth in France's universities. It's like Senegal Universities, if you have set up registration fees, anyone can change them," he said. The only situation is to be done, "presented this shift on air vessels.

A statement which went to France to study the new graduate senegales.

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