Sunday , July 3 2022

Emmy focuses on his program: "I will not attack the dead"


Senegal's observation of address siccic for resolution of the problems of Senegal's problems. And so, yesterday he said, during his opening, it would not be much more than a Mac attack.

Lastly, "Good Emirates Alliance 2019" spent 24 presidential candidates at their presidential candidate on 24th April. It was the sixth day, in the midst of the fascinating and purple colors of the Order of the Order of Sreesick Babrak Deep, the siege of the Fds and the demolition forces. Youth (Jds) for democracy and socialism. After discussing the leaders of both the Allies, Edisa is a secretary who is considered to be a "young man's candidate". The reporter has introduced a song valve (aided) with father-in-law, he receives a microphone. "It's a month, if not a year, because I traveled from Senegal, north to south, east to west. I came to Dampurpur on my way," was the leader of the retim, all in white clothes. He further states that he has made all these clues in the midst of all those who do "deaf". "Generally, treason and misconduct has still tried to dissolve the idea that he himself had to kill himself because he was a voice or was killed with mysterious illness, but I think I am in our fields Careers must carefully take care of our country in workshops, offices, and the right to take responsibility for the president's responsibilities and mission will be taken to the end of the year, Senegal's democracy, "he said. Although 2018 Aydenland candidate, decided that no more attack would be made, even though he did not give him a name. "I do not go back to the assessment, different poets. I will still not criticize the evolution. It is not necessary. Is my soldiers called plainly doubtful about the ability to lead the seal No, but we want, once elected, which you ensure the transparent and sensitive rule of the Senegal people, the President of the Council Council Council of Thousands. Whoever, "Who is to consider this proposal," he said. Senegal needs to be prepared. "." The first important project remains still, because it was once agreed, really true and good governance. "He pointed out that the mood of the Taliban in 2012 indicated that FDR, In front of Senegal, Africa and the whole world, it is our responsibility to take responsibility for the responsibilities and responsibilities of the world, then follow the work, security, and others, "he says.

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