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Jack Reacher is not done with us


On a bus in Montana.

“Midnight, Last Limit” (The My Nightline), by Lee Child, translated from English by Elsa Maguine, Colman-Lowe, “Conyers”, 432 p. , € 22.50, digital € 16.

In English it is called “ٿ” and “French”, “acceleration”. In Sanskrit, after James Bond, the pen of the late Ian Fleming (1908-1964) was born, that is, for twenty years and at least. There are at least several books by Jack Reichter, the hero of Lee Child, which presents the best way – interesting virtue, which confuses the reader, but reduces his anxiety. The walker, with its only toothbrush, always rode the bus that passes, regardless of its destination, through the United States.

The opportunity With Jack Reacher, adventure is never far away. He begins to succumb to the dangers he runs in, regardless of them. It must be said that this is because of his silhouette, as well as his sense of strategic antithesis, which enables him to beat his bare hands – the real beaters – with seven angry bicyclists, as in the volume that was recently released. That is Tonight, the deadlineGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The criminals call there to announce his arrival. They describe this as a “Yiti”CYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD “Incredible Hulk”General Chat Chat Lounge They are not completely wrong.

In fact, Reacher is 1.98 meters long and weighs 113 kg. The scars here and there bear witness to the fact that the retired Major, another investigator in the military police, did not live a peaceful life. Add in your diploma from the very specialized combat schools that the military had to offer. In short, the bad guys, whoever they are, don’t give it up.

broken railroad

He is still the brother of Atone who does this Jack the movements of Jack Reacher Tonight, the deadline : The owner of a West Point ring has a stubborn desire to find and sell his shop. A number of the Class of 2005 emerged, initially symbolic of the military academy, where he blew himself blood and water for four years. Considering its size today, it is obviously a woman’s signature ring. Accompanied by circumstances and curiosity, Jack Reacher then steps into the broken railroad from South Dakota to Wyoming, a network of drug smugglers who come to the South.

It is a sad story that Lee Child, a American-American and British-American novelist, delivers here. At the age of 66, he announced in 2020 that he would fully convey the continuation of Jack Reacher’s actions to his younger brother Andrew Andrew, Andrew Child, who is also the author of the driller, together with the three volumes. The transition to literature can ensure a better transition. Saga, to date, from 100 to villains from 49 yrs.

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