Wednesday , October 5 2022

Koh Lanta, The Legend: After his strategy in the war with Claude Komba? He responds


For several days now, Claude has been accused of having acted with several candidates in Koh Lanta, La Legend, and reacted to the dispute first. Young also reacted to the alliance that girls established at the beginning of the Victorian adventure … and especially especially to the fact that some candidates wanted to end it. But upon discovering Episode TF1, Claude was able to understand that it was Kumba who was the originator of the project. Still, they are friends in everyday life. So, Internet users want to know if Claude was angry with Coomba or not …

The story of Claude
Claude’s Story – Credit: Instagram claude_kohlanta

“Like, it’s a game … no problem. It’s a tactic. Kumba, it’s like a sister yen.”, Wrote Claude on his Instagram story. You would have thought: Koh Lanta’s symbolic candidate does not exactly want the Kumba to implement this strategy. Especially from now until the end, he has not cheated on his partner!

So if Claude doesn’t want to be killed, Clementine is not! The one who ended up with an adventure last Tuesday now said: “I can’t tolerate misinformation, especially when Claude says that some girls want to be sold longer than men. Let’s blame her and Candice, Clémence and I don’t blame her. ”General Chat Chat Lounge That’s it! Otherwise, Laurent opened the internet to users when he put his team in the DU after being appointed ambassador.

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