Sunday , May 22 2022

Ligue 1: Teungueth FC and Generation Foot keep pace


Dakar, November 11 (APS) – Teungueth FC and Génération Foot have managed to win this weekend with two victories of two consecutive Ligue 1 victories.

After his brilliant debut (3-0) against Dakar Sacré-Coeur, Teungueth FC lost Saturday's Mbour Petite Côte, second in Ligue 1 on Saturday.

With this success, the Rufisque team remains at the top of the six-point ranking (+4).

The winner of Sonacos (3-1), last weekend the Generation Foot team was defeated by Linguère, 3-2. He takes second place behind Teungueth FC with a goal difference (six points).

US Gorée, after winning his first match, drew 1-1 with Niary Tally.

The defending champion Dakar Jaraaf was defeated by AS Pikine, 2-1. Pikinos played their first elite game after spending the last three seasons in Ligue 2.

Here are the results of Day 2 of League 1:

Generation of leg-lingers: 3-2; Dakar Sacred Heart – AS Customs: 1-0; Mbour PC-Teungueth FC: 0-0; Ndiambour-Sonacos: 1-0; Casa Sports-Mbour Stadium: 0-0; Niary Tally-US Goree: 1-1; AS Pikine-Jaraaf: 2-1.

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