Tuesday , September 21 2021

MEMBER: Hospital workers stand against medical imaging management

MEMBER, August 4 (EPS) – The International Union held at the Hospital on Wednesday called for a “immediate and final termination” of the agreement, demanding that the Level 1 Public Health Establishment (EPS 1) be implemented. This structure ensures itch. Managed by its Medical Imaging Center, noted APS.

This international union, called 3S, was formed at the end of a meeting that came together on July 13, the Independent Syndicate of Doctors of Senegal (AMES), the National Union of Health and Social Action Workers (SYNTRAS) and SINGLE. Union of Health and Social Action Workers (SUTSAS).

The revelation is from Papa Samba Aqua Ndiaye, Secretary-General of SUTSAS Subsection EPS 1 in Mbour.

He explains that one of the aims of this new structure is to unite the forces of various centers concerned, namely, the agreement in question for “final and immediate termination.”

According to him, following a meeting held on Thursday 29 July, the Union “3S” noted that no progress was noted in connection with the demand for medical imaging.

He declares that the International Union condemns “the illegality of this agreement with strong energy and where the aches are linked to the disregard of the provisions of the agreement” responsible for the management of medical reflexes by ima Enchi.

In that regard, it states “the absence of care by the EPS 1 Board of Directors before the signing of the agreement, the absence of a radiator and a diameters for staff (…)”.

Trade unionists also present a “real problem” of maintenance, with many broken devices, and the “Radiology Department closure problem and the issue of patient screening on the bed”.

“In addition, Mbour has a major flaw in EPS 1, which revolves around human, material and financial resources.” The head of the service was angry with some of the Medico technical options assigned to the manager, Trade Unionist.

The Senegalese press agency (APS) has tried unsuccessfully to contact the manager.

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