Monday , July 4 2022

New Movie Trailer Released!


It is, without a doubt, one of the anticipated films of the year 2022. With the closing of the 2021 edition of DC FanDome, Batman Has released its new trailer which is appearing in a Robert Pattinson Under the cover of Dark Knight More revenge than ever.

“I’m revenge”

The video lasts three minutes and starts with the capture of a man, of course. Mystery man Given the question mark on his coffee.

Then follow the sequence in a dark environment where we discover a Bruce Wayne is quite annoying and ready for anything To free Gautam from its crimes. “Fear is a tool. The signal is not a call in the sky, it is another warning signal“, Drek shoots the rising knight.

So this new curiosity focuses on YD retaliation and billionaire revenge.I’m revenge“, We can hear you say it in this trailer.Nothing sent“As Alfred Pennyworth warns, played by the wonderful Andy Serkis.

Beat Mobile, Lickson and Macca

The trailer also shows us some of the explosive new footage Competition between Batman and the PenguinPlay under an unidentified hero Cullen Farrell, under the belt and which will not facilitate Betman’s work. And expect that as well Judy Robert Pattinson-Zoe Kravitz As women scream for Cat!

Between wars, Batmobiles, ions Maca, and the bad guys, All the elements of the Batman universe are there In this new trailer that is already watering our mouths.

Today is still a bit of patience before being able to finish the movie … March 2, 2022, in theaters!

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