Sunday , August 14 2022

Pan-African company Centurion works with Endeavor to develop projects in Africa


Governments looking for oil strategies or in the process of implementation, companies operating in coastal or coastal areas now have a new potential partner in the public and private sectors. The Centurion Law Group, a pan-African law and consultancy firm, and Endeavor Management, a US oil and gas consultancy, are announcing a strategic alliance to provide advice on oil and gas projects management. ,

"Thanks to our pro-African strategy, Endeavor will help African companies and national oil companies maximize their value next to Centurion." Endeavor is the best of American ingenuity and will work for Africa's interests, "said NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion Group.

Centurion, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, operates in 14 countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Mauritania, South Sudan and Angola. The law firm is escorted by governments and companies to develop by controlling local laws. For Centurion's CEO, working with Endeavor is an opportunity to increase the value added of the law firm.

Endeavor, which has been operating for hydrocarbon consultancy services for over 40 years, today supplies worldwide. If its activity in Africa continues to be tiny, the company will become more active throughout the continent thanks to its partnership with Centurion.

"The strategic alliance between our two organizations enables us to expand our advisory services and continue to support the hydrocarbon industry by building on our existing relationships in Africa," said Bruce Crager, executive vice president, Endeavor Management.

In Africa, the hydrocarbon sector has recently become more important. Not only that prices are rising but more and more oil and gas discovery is happening across the continent. Only yesterday on Thursday the Nigerian government confirmed the discovery of a new oil basin in the north of the country. Not to mention neighboring Senegal, which is becoming the major producer of hydrocarbons.

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