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Pglagie La Vibreuse mom Yummy Mom!


Pglagie La Vibreuse (17 October 21)
Pelagie La Vibreuse

Through the publication of several photos, Benini singer Annie Palagie La Vibreuse announced the arrival of a newborn baby. In a brief message, he made a special and unusual request. ” Hello family my Wabatologist, my angels on earth, my love for you, thank you In a caption of a picture he wrote, grabbing a holding ear in his hand.

Benny singer let Pglagie La Vibreuse surprise the world with his new post on his Facebook page. Although absolutely no one was even aware of the baby pregnancy, many pictures were later posted with a newborn baby. The only thing that can be sure for sure is that the heel that he carried on his feet today gets smaller. So it’s safe to say that it’s been about a girl for about a month now.

The news was warmly received by P fanslagie La Vibreuse fans. In turn, they congratulated him for the grace he had received from God. ” She’s just as handsome as you. Grandpa Lord Cream Lord Cream protect him. Wisdom and all wisdom is today a little princess », Commented Aubierge Kpadogninon. ” Beautiful baby hey, you can make you look good with your beauty. This is divine protection in wisdom and wisdom, in love. Proud of mother, father and all those around you. I love you already », Wrote Dosline Houssou.

General Chat Chat Lounge Really, I appreciate you very much, congratulations, welcome lady “, Wishing Margeline Bono. ” Pglagie La Vibreuse, my sincere congratulations to you Madam, God bless you mother, nothing but happiness. Your arrival on the prince will bring joy to us », Indicated Laurette Mabaya. ” I’m sorry, is that yours? She is very beautiful Claims Lourdess Vénongbé.

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