Wednesday , August 17 2022

Praise a concert for Baba Maal


The shower praises for the concert praise for Baba Maal. The singer, author and composer Baba Mal was promoted to Ambassador Fodde. During the festive ceremony held last Friday, the speakers appreciated the artist's quality for his commitment to developing Fouta.

It's the new coronation that the musician Baba Mal has just put in his wallet. The internationally renowned artist and final ambassador of the Ambassador of the State was appointed Fouta Ambassador to Fouta by the Fodo Fouta Fouta Association (Fouta), known for his Fouta's activities through education, health and environmental activities. There was a sound and a rhythm at the ceremony. Especially since the band Biddeew Bu Bess has satisfied the audience of new songs from his next album. The enthusiastic audience kicked off their legs to accompany the beautiful melody.

Through one of their pieces dedicated to Fouta, artists Bidew Bu Bess exhibit the richness of their terroir, which consists of valued men and great scientists. After the performance of rappers, Colonel Birane Wane (Fodde Fouta's vice president) knits a laurel wreath with vocal dandy Dande Lenole. "Baba Maal is a real artist, jumping, dancing, circling while scratching the guitar, all at once," he murmured.

After Colonel Wane, other members of the union went to the pulpit to sing the praise of Baby Maal, who in that spirit received the cup as a prize that raised him to the rank of Ambassador of the Association. Distributes scholarships and computers to students to support teaching. According to members of the association, the election of Baba Maal is not accidental. "We feel he has done a lot of work for Fouta's development, he's a Foutanke and a member of Fodde, an artist who revives many concerts in favor of village associations.

He deserves to be rewarded for his Fouta service, "said Dr. Mamadou Boubou Sall, President of Fodde Association." I am very honored because I have been working with them since I founded Food Fouta. All the concerts organized by the Association at the Grand Theater are the ones that animate them. Accompanying them to fields in the Pavement during reforestation and other activities.

We meet regularly and discuss Fodde's goals, "said Baba Maal in a voice," Visibly satisfied, he believes that Fodde Fouta needs a voice that rises because some activities require administrative support. "Baaba Maal spoke in his sweet voice through a high-profile show.

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