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Presidential 2019: Terry Buckco has quit his candidacy


Shah Abdul Latif said that acting actor, Thierno Bocom, was decided to withdraw from the Presidential Contest till 2019, the former registrant announced his decision. However, he opposes the joining of the opposition military president Mack year, as himself as "the first in the official". Here's the description of the statement.

Hornin Boomom Announcements

"Dear friends,
Our dear country, Sengal, is one of the most important pages in our history. We will be very sad, and strong decisions will be taken. Our interior in politics, we have worked unparalleled to serve the people of Congress and especially the best interests of our youth.

Our political affiliate is willing to serve only our country. So we decided to run 2019 presidential elections.

After the extent of the shortage of sponsorship signature, the Executive Bureau of the Eriental Movement met on November 25 to take the first review of the situation.

Our candidacy has been initially crossed, the administrative bureau of our movement on December 9, 2018, once again reiterated the candidature of the Constitutional Council claiming. This meeting was allowed to make us a list of the situation in the country.

And have been able to measure the dangerous nature of damaging democracy, despite the state's unbalanced level. Nevertheless, despite the extreme disadvantages of the government's government, it is clear that the condition of the alternative does not match the entire history.

From this analysis, we came to know that opposition should take a strong step in order to get alternative alternative in opposition 2019. And that is necessary through the pool of opposition force.

For our part, we understand that we must be the first list of the authorization that allows us to send a strong signal of our country, which is sorry for the program conflicts, and programming offerings are almost identical.

Therefore, he was under the consultation following the consultation, we decided that the 2018 presidential candidate would ensure the candidate's candidacy.

At the time of review, I can only be proud of the proudness of energy, whose members, all positions, activists and leaders of the world have demonstrated to face the challenges facing us.

Regarding sponsorship, in less than three months, our teams were gathered at least 67,591 miracles by law. Country, especially young people, are in the cities of Senegal, and in the short run of Europe and America, hospitable and patriotic.

I offer a very comprehensive definition of my involvement. To those youths, I told them that your determination is likely to show the world in our political and civil affairs.

In addition, during the deployment period of our movement, our teams are mobilized to produce a social plan, along with homeowners 'houses' homes and directories. Our program has become an important factor in changing the changing changes (PACT) symbols for alternative plans. The program was essentially to legitimize our homeland sponsorship.

My dear friend,
For dates and posters, there is no chance for our commitment to politics to find any potential or illegal benefit. Politics has run on the basis of the hope of helping our country to grow in our determination.

More than yesterday, our camp remains on the people. And Aryen is a movement whose transition and vision is transferred.

Our goal is for the real success of real successors, skills and values ​​that specialize in the people of Senegal people. All of us invite all the people who want to help in all technical tasks, tomorrow's Senegal together to join us to collect.

From the heart of my heart I want to thank all of them to make them sponsor. I know that they wanted to have a candidate for us. But they should not be frustrated, because we will continue to face the same war.

I thank all of them who financially assist our project.

You, Eric members, I really want to like that I'm proud of your kind, your brother, your friend … I am very proud of your responsibility.

You are capable because you fight yourself. Right right, up, eyes better.

You can count on us forever, so that people have never betrayed the promises made by the people of the Sagleans. You are building a team of faiths on which people can be ready to fulfill their generation of challenges.

My dear friend,
It is in a comprehensive drive that we have decided in a decision, to start a decision-making process that will share with our countrymen in the next day, we are starting.

Our option is to improve the situation of effective changes with the establishment of a culture of alternative ability.

Even then we would like to emphasize that even though we are not candidates, the strength of the aggression is power-driven by power. This war will constantly be in the first and second of presidential elections. The absolute preference of the Erier conquered the people, who departed from the departure of the regime and restored it.

Democratic leaders Long-term and live in 2019! "

Thierno Bocoum
President Asif Ali Zardari's movement

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