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Quinté PMU – GALOP Breeders Federation Awards Awards

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Quinté + Thursday at Deauville with a Distinguished Disability First Test (ref. +18), 1200 meters above the finish line, foil foil, geldings and 3 year fill blood. Grounds were announced by Flexible (3.6) France Gallup. Sparkleia (Our photo) Regularly, we have an attractive profile.

11 Sparkleia : Regular ly, he is always present when compared to the beginning. For a start in disability, the July 13 Quinté + س line on the Deauville line, it achieved an encouraging fourth race, producing a very end to the race. She is a potential winner.

16 Hello Dreams : Third Quinté ۾ + July 13 Bench at Mark Deauville, The Residence Mathew Burmese Confirmed his progress shown in the success of April 20 in Chantilly. It is important

AK lights of 1 light : In the Sixth and Sixth Campaign Race on July 13, when he was starting disability in France, this was a 2 year course in England, certainly still very good. Take care of this!

2 POET : Quinté + In the benchmark July 13th, it’s number seven, narrowly failing for a better ranking. This is theoretically a very opportune occasion in this event.

12 Sledge Hammers : Fifth, after the race’s fall, July 13 in Quinté +, 1,300 meters straight to Deauville, he has a say in the regular 3-year gelding.

15 Snow Empress Unfortunately, in a list on July 25 in La Teste-de-Buch, he showed quality and durability during his previous visits. For his first participation in disability, it is suggested that he be aware of this residency conscious. Cristo FerlandGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

9 Single : Quinté + ۾ overlooking its sixth place in Paris on June 10 at Paris Longchamp, over 1300 meters, this residentialHenry-Alex Painter utes why they are a valid s in this event.

10 Change window : Ein Quinté ۾ + on June 10 at Paris Longchamp and 4th on May 13, still on Paris Longchamp and still over 1300 meters, this resident Romain Lee Doreen Finds A place is possible today.

In the case of non-runners * 6 Almeida sale

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The choice of Nicholas Liberace

Rules of conduct
1 AK lights of light
12 Sledge Hammer
The ID will be forthcoming
15 SNOW Empress
9 Single
10 Window of change

Summary of AGN Link:

11 – Sparkleia

2 – Ozan

10 – The Window of Change

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This dream will go on today!

We discuss here Ze5- This Thursday’s event, A major disability continued for 3 years on the 1,200-meter Normandy straight line.

Third in the benchmark race a little bit last month here, This dream Probably too much to go on, will be very, very blessed, and he can hope to achieve the goal of this Yuri victory, even if he doesn’t win against the brilliant finisher. The Almeida Girl Which comes back to this level after a wonderful breakthrough, when Sparkleia We also liked it during the last visit of the first one and also got to defend a very cool opportunity.
Ice empress Maybe a discovery will be made for his first attempt at this level and distance and then he will be there with him for places. Ake of light And Poet Which ended together on July 13, ledge weapons Which defeated them that day but may have taken priority, and The rooster, The first classic Euro classic with these ers rails at this point.

ZEturf.fr selection

N ° Horse جاکوڙي
16 Hi dream Hardware
6 Almeida sale Somlon c.
11 Sparkleia Goodwin M.
15 SNOW Empress Demario C.W.
1 AK lights of light PESLIER O.
2 POET Letter A.
12 Sledge Hammer KOYUNCU MME S.
13 The rooster Barcelona M.A.

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The Prix de la Federation de Elevores du Gallup (Race 7), open this Thursday, at the La Tox Race Course, for 3-year-olds, and will compete on 1,200 recitalin meters. SNOW Empress Seems like a favorable weight situation here for his first disability.

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N ° Horse جاکوڙي
11 Sparkleia Goodwin M.
6 Almeida sale Somlon c.
1 AK lights of light PESLIER O.
16 Hi dream Hardware
15 SNOW Empress Demario C.W.
2 POET Letter A.
12 Sledge Hammer KOYUNCU MME S.
13 The rooster Barcelona M.A.
10 Window of change Bachelet T.

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