Wednesday , October 27 2021

Smith behavior beams double the Obamacare condition


BUAKYOOOO Ska for 3-0!

Arsenal Atomies Tottenham! 3-0 for the Gunners.

Smith cried, after the age-old Derby passing fiberglass

From Chamberlain to the North London Derby goalie and goal scorer today at Sassetown, Smith is also a youngster from Fabregas today.

Arsenal fans chamber Spurs

The audience is shouting and the ings are: “You will always talk nonsense” to Spurs.

2-0 for Arsenal!

AN An incredible goal! Smith’s behavior for Obamacare! The process starts with a very dangerous pass from Rimsdale to Xhaka. The Swiss can wrinkle and hold the ball. Smith behavior then combines with Aubameyang and Gabonese with his left foot to give Hugo Lloris the ive. 2-0 for Arsenal.

Dairy is available in Henry Street

With a beautiful vintage 90’s jersey.

The Canon Strike

The Englishman turns and continues with a strike of 30 meters, but he is very sweet. The UAE audience chambers him and praises him.

Son tries to surprise Ramsdell!

South Korea recover the ball and run to the goal. He grabs the party and comes to a nearby post instead of crossing. Aaron Ramsdell is careful and leaned toward the corner.

Allie runs in Tierni

Just like the start of the game for the Spurs, who have yet to target the Gunners.

Smith cried, one of the goalkeeping players in today’s Derby era

To find today’s round score from Emily Smith Rowe in the North London Derby, you have to go back to 2014 with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Obamacare Attacks!

Arsenal misses opportunities. This, suggested by Jericho, Ogbagard, Obamacare can organize and freeze its strike, but it goes on top.

Lloris Chase Relaxes Like This!

French goalkeeper for a defensive shot shot from the party. Ska and Ogardar and Ered went here to change.

Arsenal disaster clearance

On a cross of the Rigillon, Whiteball rejects only Ken’s leg then clears Tyranny as hard as he can. The first warning on Ramsdale’s goal.

A logical purpose for guns

Michael Arteta’s players dominated the start of the match, they have the ball (70 possession) and managed to score their first opportunity.


1-0 for Arsenal! Upon receipt, Ogardere sends Saka to the side. The Englishman plays Reguilon in the side and crosses for Smith Rowe, who arrives and ends the point blank with his right foot. A goal between Arsenal from Arsenal Academy.

Fantastic restoration of guns

Thanks to the double of the sides between Tomayasu, Saka and Ogardag, the Spurs have been ruined. Arsenal are first like in the first 10 minutes.

Arsenal take your game

Gunners are installed in the camp of the Spurs and placed under pressure. Technically, Party, Ogardeger and Smith Cotton were injured on their ball catches or on their sides.


On a quick transfer from the Gunners, Tyranny is on the left and he crosses for Aubameyang. Gibbons makes a touch on the left side of the strike but gets tired at Lloris, who has his post covered properly. Just a minute before his son, however, Obamacare was promoted to an offseason position.

The sound strike it

South Korea receives the ball with its back to the ball and attacks the left foot with Ramizdal’s goal. He is then referred to regardless of an offside position.

Too many errors

Match start with bad pitch errors. It’s harder than the first minutes.

Fantastic work from Ben White

England defender steals the ball from his son near the Gunners area. An intervention that sets the tone.

Come to Emirates One Stadium

The kick-off is given by Tottenham players.

A tribute to Jimmy Grimes

One minute is dedicated to Jimmy Groves, formerly of Legend of Tottenham, and of English football in general, who died last week at the age of 81.

ئي Only the teams enter the field

In very hot environments in the Emirates Stadium, most ocked wolves are made but capable of making noise during large posters. Start in 2 minutes. Notes on compositions.

Arsenal formation: Ramsdell – Tommyasso, A White and Gabriel, Tierney – Zika, Party – Saka, Smith Row, Ogburn – Obamacare.

La composition Halle Tottenham: Lloris – Tanganga, Dier, Sanchez, Reguilon – Hojbjerg, Ndombélé – Lucas, Alli, Son – Kane.

First Derby with the masses

This is the first North London Derby ever since supporters return to the Stadium in England. An important element in a game that is the tension report.

Saka, that’s already important

The English player, 20 years old for only three weeks, is already playing in his third North London Derby Premier League. An octave has never been seen from Gerrard Bell, Vic’s for over a decade.

No, risk n ° 1

Spring Forward is the top scorer in Premier League Derby history. He has 11 goals and is ahead of Emmanuel Adebayor (10 goals) and Robert Pires (8). Derry Henry has 5 goals against Tottenham.

Effective against the Lacazette Spurs

The Frenchman has scored in his last three games against Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium. But this Sunday, he starts at the bench.

Djourou’s memories in the Derby

RMC Sports Consultant has played many matches against Tottenham during his 10 years at Arsenal (2004-2014).

Lacazette, Smith-Rowe and Odegaard combined on the bench

Lacazette, author of a very sippy cup match this week, on the bench. Aubameyang receives its livery in place of its holder. Gbonsi’s PU, Yan, Arta manages to bring Saka, Smith Rowe and Ogardeg creatives.

Arsenal formation: Ramsdell – Tommyasso, A White and Gabriel, Tierney – Zika, Party – Saka, Smith Row, Ogburn – Obamacare.

Tottenham with three attacking Avengers and Ndombélé

Nuno Espٽوrito leaves Santo C رومte Romero, his Argentina rookie on the bench, in central defense. Tanguy holds the Ndombélé midfield with Hojbjerg and Alli.

La composition Halle Tottenham: Lloris – Tanganga, Dier, Sanchez, Reguilon – Hojbjerg, Ndombélé – Lucas, Alli, Son – Kane.

A North London Derby between sick teams

While Arsenal have had a terrific start to the season, with three losses and no goal to start the year, Tottenham have struggled for weeks. The North London Derby, which starts at 5.30pm at the Emirates Stadium, is important for both teams.

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