Sunday , December 5 2021

Successfully convert wai-fi-fi researchers to Wi-Fi


mit wifi

A research team on MIT has created a new electronic circuits that convert Wi-Fi into power to power. This process, simple and slow, can revolutionize the mobile device's autonomy.

This is a completely new circulation, developed by researchers MIT. They created the flexibility associated with a semiconductor, which includes large frequency and flexibility. WaiIn the present.

An outstanding action to produce a huge energy

This process is not new, but it only belongs to RFRIs or contact cards, which is able to carry and change the wavelength of a boil. To add to energy, Which allows change in information.

To achieve this feature, scientists and one of the three automobiles created and understood by one of the Mozambique Developers. This is an extreme way to make this possible high signal possible to manage Eight10 to Ganga. This new seminar can also be done Receive ECD directly in the presentAn electric device is required to power the device.

A system that can eventually develop the use of attachment

This is the discovery Pat For industry As defining the researchers, the current circuit is capable of accessing these lifts, it is difficult to act hard and act. This flexibility makes it possible to imagine the many cases of use. " And if we had created an electronic system that could bridge the bridge or cover us an airway, or the wall of our office? Details, Massachusetts, MAST professor in project charge. This Energy It can be very good to eat, which needs to be tolerated by each of the factors associated with the housekeeping attachment.

Until now, the device performance is less than 40%, which is less than the production produced by a hard circuit, but it is enough to fast everyday life-like link bulbs or small processor power. It may be, be flexible to yourself either by wearing your own clothes or on your own.

Source: M.M. News

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