Sunday , July 3 2022

Summer, the end of the day of the day, is the foundation of Number 1 Turphonia


Today, the tourists will compete in the Peddy Ledger today, today the Senny Survey supports the day of 4000 meters in Mir.

French RivieraOur base on the Cigarette Sur Miriez in the Summers of the Third Numbers, is not lost.

Carnival's playstation in the fifth five in the Cannes Sur Mir

Kautsky DM (1): Protecting FMA Cottonins, Kot Avever is the perfect occupation of his occupation and is logically logical. The sentence of 8 pounds has reduced its margins, but encouraging his enthusiasm to benefit from his grace and emphasizing new success. Defined.

General Datasource

  • Race Games: 16
  • WINDOWS: 3
  • Advertiser: 8
  • Success Rate: 19%
  • Successfully rated: 50%

We are interested in the number of statistics on the Katy Davis

  • Race Race: 1
  • Fate: 1
  • Targeted: 1
  • Success Rate Success: 100%
  • Successfully rated: 100%

Kautsky's DigitalShaming R Sanctuary.

Kautsky will be related to D-Testissippi SCHMIDLIN R, with its success rate 56% (5% made)

Today's earliest, click here to suggest the list of Quinte Plus and Quinté Plus from the past

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