Tuesday , October 4 2022

The dedication offers hygiene kits and water to the Medina Bay grant


MADINA BAI (KOLK), October 17 (APS) – The Khalifa General of Madinah Bay, Sheikh Maheen Ibrahimma Nes, received a donation of hygiene products and water on Sunday, which was presented by the Waqf’s top authorities. ‘EPS.

“We have come to Medina Bay to do our part for the Nianzian community, especially to its grantee general. And, for this year, because of Coyode 19, water, hydro-alcohol gel masks were distributed, “said Rickin Bee, director general of the Waqf’s Authorities.

He was a divinity on the occasion of a visit which he was doing to the beneficiary of Medina Bay, in the city of Kolkata.

The visit was also an opportunity for Mr B and his delegation to present the mission of the dedicated authorities to Khalifa General Medina Bay.

Racine Bâ explained that the dedication was brought in with two important missions that were found in the 2015 law, which was voted for in the National Assembly, namely, the control and supervision of the saffron breaks in Senegal and the investment in public breaks.

“These investments must be stable and generate resources to support charitable causes and which benefit the entire Muslim or non-Muslim community.

However, observes Mr Bâ, “There is still some ignorance about the break in Senegal”. It is not yet popular. We’re going to make it popular with Vopic. It is a very popular model in the Middle East and in the Arab Muslim world, “he informed.

Racine Bâ and her delegation visited Sheikh Mahi Ibrahim Niaz, the Caliph of Medina Bay, as the word for Gamo’s prediction, was set to commemorate the birth of Hazrat Muhammad of Israel.

The Caliph, during his visit, saluted and mentioned the importance of the superior authority of the waqf.

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