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The Savage X Festival Show offers fashion drama theaters

For the sake of direct protection over the Prime Minister of MD, no attendees can be pictured at the Sauggere AF Fashion Show Photography will not be allowed.

Once the smartphones are equipped with high resolution cameras, it is very important to hide in events like a fashion show. This tendency for launching image on everything and social networks is a prejudice to the payment channel for the feature. oneTo protect the rights of the MD Prime Minister who will be broadcast exclusively, the local show will take drastic action.General Chat Chat Lounge Reads

Visual X does not show fatty fashion in coverage

The Savage AFF Fashion Show, held at the Barclays Center in Berkeley, New York on Tuesday, will not be officially pressed. Only a few authorized photographers will be allowed inside the show but no pictures will be allowed.General Chat Chat Lounge The organizers believe that the 3 selected images will be published for the media to publish. Phone use will be strictly prohibited during severe exposure. To prevent people from using their smartphones, they are kept in a closed suitcase that can hold each viewer.

The reason for this very strong ban is that the show will be broadcast exclusively on the video of the PMA, which has acquired rights in more than 200 countries and territories.General Chat Chat Lounge Models of Savage x Fashion FC show directors and dancers are offered. They were designed by Rihanna. The organizers also talked about many amazing musical performances. The show is expected for the last 40 minutes and will start at 9:30 pm. Entry conditions are quite restricted and it is necessary to show a white pie to be able to enter.

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