Sunday , May 22 2022

The seventh anniversary of World War I has a "special resonance" in Dakar


Dakar November 11 (APS) – The commemoration of the anniversary of World War I has a "special resonance" in Dakar due to the Senegalese contribution to the war effort of France, said Christophe Bigot, his Ambassador to Senegal.

"The memory of the 100th anniversary of World War I in Dakar has a special response because we have to greet the memory of thousands of Senegalese shooters who disappeared" during the war, Bigot said.

He spoke at a ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the ceasefire that ended the war.

"It is clear that we are all proud of how these elves contribute to victory and freedom," says the French ambassador to Senegal.

Some of the soldiers who mobilized in this 1,651-day war "did not directly participate in the first-line fights, but they all had experience of hunger, suffering, separation, and above all fear." he explained.

Christophe Bigot adds that "the Dakar Forum on Peace and Security (5-6 November) and the Paris Peace Forum, which begins today, mark our desire to be united and jointly defined in the search for conflict resolution."

"Conflicts have changed forms, but regardless of their form, we find (…) worsened nationalism, fanaticism, demagogic populism and fundamentalism of all kinds that threaten peace and security in the world," said Christophe Bigot.

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