Tuesday , July 5 2022

With Sekou Doumbouya’s viral photo leakers, including LeBron and Westbrook!


Seiko Dumbia Lakers to the NBA

Willie Schultz / Andrew D. Bernstein

When he found out that the adventure in the NBA was over, Ciccombia finally put his bags on the Los Angeles side, a golden opportunity for the Lakers. ڏ ويو ڙ تصوير تصوير تصوير سان سان سان ۾ ۾ ۾ ۾ With his new Lakers team-mate, the Frenchman may be a little surprised!

The summer of Sekou Doumbouya? The word “incidental” may be a little brighter. Between Detroit, Brooklyn, Houston, and finally Los Angeles, the residents of Kankakeere have hardly enjoyed the stability, even if they were to blow the event. Pleasant finish : Signing a two-way agreement with the Lakers, which allows him to continue on his dream, and in a sacred environment.

Currently the only side-squad player in the squad, Dombia finds himself with the future Hall of Famers. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony et al. That’s why we imagine the French are sensible, ive ya … yep … and sometimes even a little surprised by the youngster’s position in such an experienced team.

Saco Dumbia Please Traveled by LeBron and the Lakers?

Later this week, a picture that was especially worsened by Internet users. We see comedies LeBron James, Cho Ari Kendrick Noon, Kent Bismore, Russell Westbrook and Rajon Rondo. Their eyes are turned to tears… Sekou Doumbouya, lips with a smile on her lips:

So is it all here for today? King, Brody and the others or were they trolling Seiko? They were the ones who were laughing, with Cicco, any player from the frame up on the player? The mystery is gone, even if the trend among internet users seems to be going for a laugh … it’s at the expense of the French!

In any case, the atmosphere is in the lockers room of good Lakers, and we imagine that countless fighters Frank Vogel are giving valuable advice to Dumbia, who will spend most of his time with the Green Bay Lakers. , The G-League team belongs to Angelinos.

His contract, however, will allow him to pave the way for the main road … and not for the absentee on Tuesday evening from the opening of the season. In an Ultra-Demand team to conquer, unlike what he has experienced so far with the Pistons, Seiko is in the ideal position to pass the cape and gain a steady temper. In any case, of course, all we want is to do that.

Numerous annotations are possible by looking at this famous picture, and the role that exists at this point knows, of course, the end of the story. So, what do you think?

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