Saturday , June 19 2021

Apple Fully “Deleted” FACEBOOK Tracking: The anti-app tracking option is enabled for up to 96% of users!

Do people begin to realize how valuable their personal data is?

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When Apple announced the option for the user to decide whether the app was allowed to follow Facebook, he was not thrilled and the company did not give up.

In fact, when we are reminded that Facebook wants to look cool for every iOS device user, it’s perfectly clear to us. That’s why Facebook was really disappointed with a new option, Affects how the social network treats the data of each of the iOS users.

IOS 14 arrived, followed by iOS 14.5 and later activated Anti-App Tracking Option (AAT) And gave each user the ability to decide for themselves whether or not the application itself was allowed to monitor its data in the application, but outside the system, beyond that.

It turned out that Facebook’s fears were good, because only 4 percent of Americans were able to follow Facebook and only 12 percent of the global population!

This data was collected and processed Brightness analysis A company that operates within an American corporation Verizon Media Global and in the United States.

When the EET option is used, the application does not have the right to monitor the user and its activities, so the ads he is targeting are not targeted, i.e. they do not send him according to his “taste”. Go. This does not affect ads using the iOS 14.5 option, they will remain running, but the application is not allowed to follow that user except when he / she is directly interacting within the application. When he likes, shares content, watches videos and so on on a Facebook application.

Of course, Facebook can work with iOS in this new way, and The same thing has been announced by Google for their AndroidGeneral Chat Chat Lounge We’ll see how this situation develops and how much better it will be for users.

Have you already used the AAT option?

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