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Bogdan and Bjelica took Oklahoma, Bobby and Klipers from the abyss to victory, in the vain Jokic's great party (VIDEO)


Bogdan and Bjelica took Oklahoma, Bobby and Klipers from the abyss to victory, in the vain Jokic's great party (VIDEO)

Behind us is the crazy and interesting night of Serbian basketball players in the NBA, and the most important thing is that most of them again got a very famous role. The order is to go from those who won – and that's the Sacramento Kings, who defeated Oklahoma City with 117: 113 and scored the tenth victory of the season.

Bogdan Bogdanović came into play from the bench and spent 24 minutes playing in the park, scoring 16 points, 5 points and 3 assists while Bjelica scored 12 points and eight balls in 22 minutes.

He was most effective in the ranks of kings Badi Hild with 25 points while Iman Shampert added 23. It was traditionally the best among the guests Russell Westbrook with 29 points, 13 jumps, seven assists and three pieces. Paul George he had 27 points and nine strokes while he was Hamidu Dijalo reached 18 points.

Sacramento has been leading since the start of the game, and Oklahoma has returned to moss. At the beginning of the last phase, the Kings rejected the last attack of the guests, again split into two digits and solved the winner's question.

The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Atlanta Hawks after a big turn on the floor of the score of 127: 119 and entered the fifth consecutive triumph.

Serbian Center Boban Marjanovic He was right in taking advantage of the coach's chance. Ten minutes spent on the floor, Serbian goros scored 12 points. Miloš Teodosić had the same number of minutes, did not join the shooting group and scored two rebounds, assisted and stolen ball.

The Clippers were driven to the triumphs by midfield players – Montrecl Harel had 25 points, 11 rebounds, and four blocks and Tobias Heris has reached 24 points and eight reflections.

He was the best in the guest team Tre Jang with 25 points and 17 assists and 21 seconds Toren Prins.

Unlike Clippers and Sacramento, Denver Nagetsi suffered defeat at Milwaukee Bax host at 104: 98. The Colorado team was not helped in the Serbian center by another great party Nikola Jokic.

He was the most effective basketball player in Denver with 20 points, added five rebounds and so many assistances. Jamal Marey He scored 17 points, with eight jumps and nine assists Geri Heris 14 points.

It is expected that the best of the winning team was the Greek international Janis Adetokunbo with 29 points and had 12 strokes, six assists and two stolen balls. Erik Bledso added 23 points, five assists and jumps.

Luckily he did not have a Serbian coach Igor Kokoshkov whose team, Finiks was defeated by Philadelphia with 119: 114.

Interestingly, Philadelphia resolved all nine home games from the start of the season in favor. It was best for success Joel Embid with 33 points and 17 rebounds. Ben Simons scored 19 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists.

In the Finiks team, Devin Buker has reached 37 points and eight assists, You're George Warren has reached 21 points and Eaton Diander had 17 points and nine strokes.

NBA results

Charlotte – Boston 117: 112
/ Walker 43 – Irving 27 /

Detroit – Cleveland 113: 102
/ Dramond 23 – Sekston 18 /

Indiana – Jute 121: 94
/ Bogdanovic 21 – Rubio 28 /

Philadelphia – Phoenix 119: 114
/ Embid 33 – Buker 37 /

Atlanta – LA Clippers 119: 127
/ Yang 25 – Harel 25 /

Memphis – Dallas 98:88
/ Conley 28 – Smith 19 /

Milwaukee – Denver 104: 98
/ Adetokunbo 29 – Jokic 20 /

New Orleans – San Antonio 140: 126
/ Davis 29 – Derozan 21 /

Sacramento – Oklahoma 117: 113
/ Hild 25 – Westbrook 29 /

Photo: Reuters

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