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FIAT Certified – SUVs Made in Serbia

The Overseer French of FIAT Vehicles has confirmed that the Italian company is developing USAV is often extended to Serbia.

FIAT 601 is a model that can be performed in Serbia

FIAT 601 is a model that can be performed in Serbia

The Italian model size will be built with the new Fiat 500L in the Kraso Krasojfas, though it has been speculated that the location may change.

It has seven seats, powered by a Firefly gasoline engine and a brand new hybrid drive. There is no information on diesel, though this is expected to be a standard option.

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FIAT will continue to electronically run all the models, with their game delivered next year.

"Traditional cars were fine until yesterday. We didn't change because for any electric car why pay even 9,000 euros? Now things are different, they have no choice, it is assumed." he said Francois The recipient joins FIAT in the electronic race.

And it will also build a new five-seat Fiat Contoventi electric model and 380-liter luggage compartment that will fill the gap in the B-segment, eliminating Punto's production.

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FIAT Krujgiev-500L can't over 18000 euros EVV?

With one battery, the Corvatine will travel 150 kilometers, and up to four meters in length will allow it to fully establish four models and 600 kilometers of autonomy.

The batteries cost 3,500, compared to 400-4,000, the enhanced-autonomous distribution cost will be 31-32,000. Starting costs will be over $ 15,000.

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It has a cougar 120-150hp and has a speed of about eight seconds at a speed of 0-100km / h to 150km / h.

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