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Have you ever done something wrong? Your reasons for this are hidden! | Life

Have you ever done something wrong? Your reasons for this are hidden!

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Great Variety of 200 varieties are caused Virus And did not treat with antibiotics because viruses do not respond to them.

Generally, acne paints and bad authors are the first. After that, there is a point out and a weak cut. The height of the altitude is usually shorter or increases in a few short past days, whereas the child is more common.

You do not relax

Trouble will help in the right work. When you are feeling cool, you need more sleep and relaxation that your body can fight against viruses and help you cure. The first three days, from the beginning of first symptoms, the rest more.

Additionally, when you are healthy, if you unwanted and tackle, it becomes easy for you to be comfortable because your immune system is weak and your body is more sensitive than illness.

One study, people who sleep less than 7 hours, spend more than eight times more than eight hours.

There should not be enough quantity

When a person gets ill, it becomes easy and drinks less than usual in the pet. In addition, the altitude heat body has been increased with the speed of moisture as well as the body.

So, when there are cold, but in the body, bring in a lot of rivals, whether it is water, tea or soup. Fill out of coffee and drink because it exceeds the body more liquid, after that you remain after it.

You are under pressure

Pressure affects immune system with very badness and your body can not fight viruses. When you are in a big way, you will have more likely to be ill, and if you are ill, you will get the pain and illness symptoms will be more difficult, Web-portal reports.

In fact it's not cold

It is easy to change headache with cold and other diseases. For example, you may feel cool, you have some symptoms, but it does not make out because you are actually a bit skeptical.

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