Tuesday , May 17 2022

Jokan paid for the defeat of Liverpool in "Marakana", did he?


The Reds were defeated by the red star in the Champions League
they invited the Fulham team in the 12th round of PL, eventually celebrating 2: 0
(1: 0).

We looked great for the first half, Liverpool had a ball away
more in his legs, but Fulham resisted and brilliantly
threatened from the counter.

In the thirtieth minute they were tied at home, Shaqiri was beaten off the edge
but the ball took place
of capital.

Three minutes later, Salah is a great force, but Riko is doing well
come out as a winner in one situation

Again a great chance at Salah in the 22nd minute and again great Rico
to the "Kotider" target.

And then, a great chance on the other side, Mitrovic strikes the ball
Sesenjon, this guy looks up to Alison, but kicks

After this, a slightly quieter period, up to 41 minutes, when
something has happened about what is going to be said.

Fulham goal, exactly what makes Aleksandar Mitrovic, the leader,
right midfielder on the right. And precisely because it will celebrate,
the referee clearly stated that his goal was canceled due to
The alleged offside and "cunning" Liverpool players are faster
and in a few seconds Salah was in the counter.
He broke the Egyptian in front of Rick and lowered it to 1: 0
look at the situation HERE.


There was no change at the end of the first part, and it is down
Liverpool has done more than 53 minutes in Manea, it's great
Senegal kicked, but Rico was great, so once again
saved the network.

In the continuation of the event, after a beautiful combination
Liverpool, Robertson sends a magnificent center forward
on the tripod was Dzherdan Shaqiri, who also comes out well
Matir Rika to 2-0.

It seems that at that moment everything is in Fulham in Liverpool
he soon had the opportunity to remove all dilemmas over Robertson, but he was
Riko had an excellent hit.

He tried to change the situation on the ground,
The passages of the Series, Council and Johansen have changed a lot, to see
we were a solid attempt at Mitrovica at 85 minutes, but it was

"Reds" routinely took the job to the end, writing three good points
and returned to the winning streak after defeating the Red Star on
stadium "Rajko Mitic" in Belgrade.

Fulham is, on the other hand, a big problem, he has experienced the sixth
Jokanovič could stay without a moment

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