Tuesday , October 4 2022

Jubmes Bank shares took over 9.0 percent


Total trading turnover amounted to RSD 545.5 million (EUR 4.6 million).

Belgrade Stock Exchange

The BELEX15 index fell by a quarter to 740.93 points, while BELEXline increased by 0.6% to 1,504.14 points.

Producer of Plant Protection and Nutrition Products, Galenika Fitofarmacija, was the most traded stock with a turnover of 1.0 million dinars at an unchanged price of 2,800 dinars.

Serbian oil industry rose 0.3 percent to 685 dinars and pumped it slightly more than 0.6 million dinars.

Komercijalna Bank is now the only one on the list of losers, with its preferred stock declining by nearly 2.9 percent to 680 dinars, trading at 0.4 million dinars, while its ordinary shares were closed at minus 1.4 percent to 2050 dinars. realizing 0.1 million dinars.

The Filipino Moris Tobacco Priority Shares were traded at RSD 0.2 million for a negligible 3500 dinar, and the shares of "Nikola Tesla" Aerodrome, which ended the trading day at 1,690 dinars, experienced a slight correction. a turnover of 0.1 million.

Foreign investors practically refrained from participating in the stock market as they had a negligible share of total sales and purchase turnover.

The Dinosaur state bonds of the RSO15122 series, to be selected in October 2020, reached a turnover of 542.4 million dinars.

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