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About her colleague, with whom she recorded the duo song "Gospodina" in 2011, Emina Jahović spoke at the exhibition Ognjen Amidzic.

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Emina Jahović

Popular songwriter Emina Jahovic mentioned last night "Amidži Show" for many duets she had recorded during her musical career with colleagues, and after agreeing to participate in such a game, she chose a duet with Sasa Kovacic for irritation in the relationship to who recorded it with pop star Nataska Beckalac, Ognjen Amidzic asked her if she heard her returning single Little Blue.

– I heard her, she's beautiful! She is beautiful and Natasha looks very nice, I'm so glad she came back from everything she does, unfortunately … I'm so sorry. I did not have the opportunity to see her, but here, a great applause for her courage and for everything she had come to – Emina gave her colleague public support.

Recall, Emina and Natasha, who recently became a member of the jury of the Pink Stars Music Competition, made a duet song "Lord" in 2011. Natasha, a few months after the TV premiere, came up with the idea of ​​making a song and showing her on herself on a television show that allegedly did not like Emini, whose song was the work of the author, and made them rush for a long time that they are not in good relationships .

Although Emina denies that she was arguing with Natasha, the stories of her friendship have been followed for years, and Jahovička again showed in the show Ognjen Amidzic in the Natasha show again in series that he has an extraordinary opinion on his colleague and that inscriptions about their dispute is untrue.

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