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The War between Johnny Stulić and Rad Sherdjesh: Lying, We Have Never Been A Friend!


Actor Rade Serbedzija, who responded to John Stulic's statement that he had never been friends and did not communicate with him, as well as using his songs without permission, said N1 that he always felt "a good and honest friendship" with Stulic. I'm sorry if it was just his party.

And these, as in previous years, are well-known actors Council Serbedzija, performs with the Western Station orchestra on the eve of the New Year in Belgrade. The Concert in Belgrade will take place on 26 December in the Kombank Hall. Then there are concerts in Nis and Čačak.

Sherbedzija explained the press conference tournament bearing the name of the famous song Branimir Štulić "I do not like the soul from you", which he announced, issued for his performance "Croatian Celebration" since 1989.

"Now, at the name of this concert, I send a message as an old friend", said Sherbedzija at a press conference.

Response after a press conference, Branimir Štulić said he had never been friends with Sherbardi, that they never became socialized and that the song "My Souls Is Not Growing From You" did not act for the performance of the Council of Sherbards, and that it uses them without their consent.

– This Sherbedzija story lies dark. Johnny never invited him to a walk around Zagreb, he did not make a song, he was not even a friend, but on the contrary, once once he gave it to Mercedes to keep up with him, he nevertheless used an invitation to make the song much simpler and, of course she put her in her game without any questions to hide her, then shot her down and now she justifies those illusive lies just the reason for her evil life. – Stulic wrote, among other things,

– I've never been friends with him and never called him in my life (this is, of course, the best description in his book), and he knew well that he would never get permission to use in this game as usual, he just invented the whole story, he was still out of focus, he finally shot her, and now, in addition to many years he played (and my other songs), he traveled under the name of the stolen and desecrated song working (making her a real vocal career).

On the occasion of the performance of the famous N1 musician, he asked Sherbedzia to comment. Here is what he said in an interview with a journalist:

– If Johnny says we did not go out, then we did not stay. And if he tells me he never gave me his song "I'm not happy with you" for Borislav Vujcic's play "Croatian Celebration", which I made at the dramatic Gavel theater in Zagreb in the spring of 1990, he never gave me a poem. And my performance did not start "My soul does not grow out of you". If he says we have not passed around Ilec in Zagreb, or he was not on my son's birthday, then he was not on my son's birthday and we never came with a cry of Ilie. And when he says he never called me to my concert in Dubrovnik, I never sat on the plane and ran to his concert. And when he says we never had, Mile Rupčić and I drank red wine and sang "Jano mori, Jano mori, Jano soul", then we did not mess up songs and never drink black wine when it says – said the actor.

– And I say: Since I met Johnny, I loved his songs, I still felt a nice and honest friendship for him. I'm sorry if it was just on my side. I will still love my songs because they can not love him – added Sherbedzija.

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