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What is the country with the health insurance agreement in Serbia?


In Serbia's urban 20 countries, there is a right to illness, with which we have signed an agreement, but those who do not receive a republicate insurance insurance fund before the travel, pay them essentially to the necessary checkpoints. Yes, right to pay.

Source: B92, Zdravlje Vodi

Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

It is one of those writers who introduced the draft law on law enforcement insurance and should be considered to be honest about how their annual sentiments are not to be held.

For example, if a sick person is injured in a car accident, he will get necessary medical assistance, and the cost of RFJ will be paid.

However, no person was removed from the certified certificate, RFJL needed, after returning to the country, the illiterate person would compensate all the Serbia residents with potentially prohibited costs.

In the event that the payment has been returned, there is no need to apply a refund for the refund. Without the previous certificate, this request will be denied.

The draft states that in recent approaches to international treaty on social insurance, Emergency was known to have related issues related to the payment of medical aid expenses. "The contact agencies have indirectly pointed out to other parties to reject Article Eco, in which cases paid for girls in cases where the illiterate person did not designate the procedure," the new one says.

"The new disease goes out of the problems of the international treaty of international treaty on social insurance, and on the one hand it creates the earliest acts for RFJO, which is a refund of the money paid by a legal person. One fact is that patients should fulfill the procedures and procedure set to use the essential health insurance healthcare right, because in other cases the costs of its healthcare expenditure which they have earned, their own funds Is born, "the documents found soon to Nabin.

Serbia, Austria, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Hungary, Mexico. Free ambulance services are provided in Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, France, Holland, Croatia, Montenegro, Ecu, Slovenia and Turkey.
For example, with Greek, for instance, the turn of our citizens, we do not have an agreement agreement, so the citizens will have to submit additional insurance.

The same ruling applies to all the states that are not included in 20 listings.

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