Wednesday , October 5 2022

Arsenal and Man City in the European Super League – I do not have to laugh – Stan Collymore


The idea that Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea can all join the European Superliga, is no shame.

It's disgusting.

And what laughs at me is that two of them – Arsenal and Man City – seem to be worthy even though they have added zero to the Champions League or the European Cup over the years.

They have one final league champions to present among them, they are said to talk about eliminating the competition simply because someone told them they could earn a few more.

This is where the whole thing gets into the pot.

The closest Arsenal came to be the Champions of Europe losing the 2006 finals

Because if it's just an invitation, how should it start, why would Arsenal and City even be there? Why Not Nottingham Forest, Red Star Belgrade, Feyenoord, Ajax, Celtic? Clubs in European history.

Of course, the city has more money than God and because Arsenal is the third largest team in England.

The whole thing is so badly conceived that it is beneficial.

Yes, it might sound like a brave new world, but what if, in twenty years, Real Madrid runs away with this new, closed trade league title, year in year, year, and one of our teams is finishing down every season?

Megabucks The best effort of Manchester City was to reach the semifinal three years ago

They will still make big money awarded, but being the worst elite team in Europe will have an effect on shirts-shuffling in Bangkok, Los Angeles and Sydney.

And we did not even get to the most important part of all – the fans and their influence on them.

Many fans have contacted me in recent days, and even those who follow the teams say they are another example of contempt in which they are held.

Chris Matheson, Chester's laborer, tweeted during the weekend that any club joining the European league competition should be banned from domestic and international competitions.

Manchester United-Liverpool could be the European League Super League instead of the Premier League

He also said that their players should be abolished by their associations and unreadable for international choice.

I could not agree more.

I doubt FA will have cojons so far, she thinks.

Maybe I'm surprised. And if they did, honestly, I'm not sure City, Arsenal and Chelsea will be missing the same way they might think.

There are plenty of fans who would like to see more competitive top flight and more clubs have a chance.

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We could give him a disguise and go back to the competition of 22 or 23 teams.

Of course, at some point you should have the prospect that one or more clubs that went away would want to come back and while my overwhelming conviction is, "No, absolutely not," you should never say.

New property might want to return for good reasons, and for that reason we should listen.

If it's simply because the team ended up spinning five times and the money is no longer viable, I would be the first to tell where to hold it.

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