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Battlefield 5 – Tips for new players and a series of veterans


If you're just starting out at Battlefield 5, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, we are here to help you.

Battlefield 5 is here and is packed with updates and changes in almost every game mechanic and mode. Even when compared to the beta version, the boot version has seen its fair share of improvements.

To better monitor everything, we've created a number of articles to help you understand what's important. In order not to threaten our general tips with things like the dynamics of a new class with combat tasks, or a detailed explanation of vital mechanics such as poisoning and fortifications, we have divided them into our own pages.

You can imagine how important the Battlefield experience is, and we generally recommend starting with those who are diving below. Here you will find a collection of some of the best tips we have ever gathered for both new players and veterans.

3D scoring is gone, but you can adjust

Battlefield 5 got rid of the famous 3D stains, otherwise known as orit / red doritos. For the first time in years, you are able to be incredible, but not less lethal. Burning your weapon will not automatically detect you on a minimap, and you will not run with an orange triangle overhead whenever one looks at your general direction.

If you are not attacked, you can safely assume that the enemy does not know you are there. The scoring button now places a contextual mark similar to Rainbow Six Siege. You can use them to alert the teammates to the enemy, but that's all about it. Depending on the map and the terrain, some uniforms mix better with the environment than others. This will make life easier for campers, but you are not completely defenseless against them.

The crazy flash is now much clearer and it will be a thing to help you know the enemy most of the time in Battlefield 5. You can not hide the crazy flash with attachments in the game. Take advantage of it for your benefit and always focus on where the glimmer of the muzzle comes from.

Your teammates will always have icons above their heads, so you'll immediately find out if you're heading to a friend or an enemy. The Recon Recognition Area is the only gadget that can score 3D in Battlefield 5, and its rifle is capable of a minimal place in a tiny radius after firing enemies, as it always does. Suppressed enemies will also have a large icon above the heads for those who care, but they are not quite classic desitos and are hard to miss them.

Another thing to follow is movement. It's certainly harder to recognize than a glimmer of muzzle, and it's even more complicated because of the irregular ragdol moves that happen anywhere, but that can help. Snipers can often be the easiest in place because their positions are sometimes given off by a flash.

You can create custom key bindings on consoles

Players on PS4 and Xbox One platforms can now customize every action on Battlefield 5 as well as their PC friends have been able for years.

In addition to various control schemes and various other small settings that you can handle, you can now change key bindings using any button on the driver. Some things like Touchpad DualShock 4 can be a bit complicated, but you'll immediately know if the game is one button or more.

This is also perfect when the on-site button is not as important as before.

Always keep an eye on procedures and orders

A great way to earn Coin (in-game currency) and XP in Battlefield 5 is to stay on top of tasks and daily orders. Daily orders are small challenges that are renewed every day, and you do not have to do anything to activate them.

They will keep track of your progress in the background and all you have to do is meet their reward requirements. Allocation requires a little more participation. You have four slots and you can choose which tasks to take.

This can be done from the main menu and you can watch the progress at any time during the match by pressing Esc and selecting the appropriate option. Completing the assignment gives you Coin and XP. Their requirements are of course more demanding than daily orders and may require you to switch game modes or play as a class to be completed.

Always read and understand each request and activate the tasks you think you can finish. It does not make sense to go into an empty slot if you can fill it by typing it.

Do not forget to offer a range of booster units

Team leaders have always been able to manage team effort by issuing orders, but basically have 5 points in Battlefield.

Each action you make as part of a team contributes to your team's score points in Props (RPs). The more you are coordinated as a team, the faster your profit will be. Battlefield 5 allows team leaders to call in various challenges using these points.

The most expensive and devastating of them is of course the V1 / JB2 Rocket. You can save enough points to call them, or you can spend your RP much earlier. Some tanks such as Crocodile or Sturmtiger can only be brought by RP.

You can also call a package for your team that includes ammunition and health packages – a type of mobile power station. To deploy any of them, just hold the squad reinforcement button (B standard) and highlight the desired item.

Keep in mind, however, that even if you can focus on rocket and supply pods, tanks spill only at the base of your team. It's unpleasant that you have to die or go all the way back to use your heard-earned Sturmtiger, but that's the way it is at the moment.

All classes can revive

One other major change you may not see is that all four classes have the ability to revive, not just doctors. The catch is that it can only be done in the same group.

Doctors are still able to revive someone from the team, but they all can only revive their friends. When you see a green blinking heartbeat icon, you will find that a member of your team needs a revival. If there are no doctors, consider taking their hand.

Be careful because the animation of the team's recovery is much longer than it is with regular doctors. A few seconds opens you. Be careful against enemies who use their dead buddies as a bait to get both. Use your judgment or give a smoke grenade if you have one on the cover.

It is also important to note that you can cancel none animate (interaction key) if you feel warm up around you. Maybe you do not always have to save (and undoubtedly leave your team down), but it's something to think about.

Envelope – and understanding – of the hood

We talked about poisoning in Battlefield 5 many times before, recently in our biggest multiplayer feature layout. Breaking is a thing that will probably take you a long time to completely wrap your head around, but you must first understand what it is doing to prove it.

Depending on your chosen weapon you will spawn with limited ammunition; approximately three to four magazines in total. For health, all players are fertile with one extra health case. You can swing at the power station to pick up another stack after picking up, but you can only store one health bag for your person.

This may seem limited, but it will be better to control the pace of multiplayer games. Aggressive players can flush munitions of fallen soldiers, but they will have to rely on help from doctors or retreat to a power station that complements their HP. The same applies to campers who do not move at all times, also inevitably exhaust ammunition and have to move or duplicate.

Deodorizing also controls how your health regenerates. Health is regenerated only to the nearest segment on the HP panel. You can use a stored self-medication pouch, but you will need to get more if you lose it. In time, you will know when to use the case and wait for your HP to return.

Vehicles must also respect disposals because they no longer have endless weapons. Like infantry, tankers and pilots will have to retreat to a power station that often supplies them often. You will also be unable to repair for an indefinite period of time, as it also requires charging at the power station.

For airplanes, these stations are located near the base, while the tanks can be built at different capture points or on the map.

Watch out for your health and ammunition

Continued from the previous tip; you should always remember the HP weapons reserve and status. Time to kill at Battlefield 5 is already very short and less than 100HP will look even shorter.

If you decide to take cover and see that your health is not fully restored, you will need to use a health pocket. If you do not, find a doctor or near the power station. Running with a low level of health is usually a disaster recipe. Similarly for ammunition; do not take every fight, you will not have enough ammo to attack players in all ranges.

Respect planned weapons. Do not bother with long targets with fast SMG firing. You will miss most of your shots and end up with much less ammo, which may end up when you kill yourself in the next close-up.

As with health, make sure you have at least one other magazine in your reserve. If you do not run around and you do not have to rescue ammunition from dead players, ask them for player support or look for a power station. Ammo is generally easier to come in compared to medical bags.

Another good way to save your weapons is to use the gun whenever you are on a hip. If you know you're going to kill, it's not wise to use guns with expensive weapons when you can do a gun job.

No one wants to escape from a mid-firefight gun or die after making a single shot because they forgot to heal or pick up ammunition.

You can catch records in Conquest faster

There's a hidden mechanic in the Battlefield 5 DICE inserted into the Conquest crash points. Keeping closer to the trench field, the capture speed will increase.

Yes, as bizarre, as it may sound, it is just beneficial for the flag. Of course, you will make an easy target for defenders hiding somewhere in the capture zone, but that does not mean you can not do it for your benefit.

If you have one or more teammates covering you, reporting your presence in this way will immediately stop you, which will obviously reveal your shooter to everyone else who is capturing the zone. It's a brash way to launch enemies, but it works.

You can also use this tip to capture a point on your own. Once again you will be an easy target if someone comes to defend you, but it can help you if you know you will be alone.

The more teammates will catch the flag faster, of course, because this mechanic has not changed.

Grenades can be thrown back or shot prematurely

Of all the great things you can do in Battlefield 5, it can be one of the best. This is really simple, just press the interaction key (E standard) and do not forget to do it rather than escape.

The detonation fuse on regular grenades at Battlefield 5 is enough forgiving that you can either drop it or try to get it back. This can only be done using traditional grenade grenades. Any grenade that explodes in impact such as impact and burnt grenades will begin to damage the moment it lands.

Now that you know you can do it, you do not always have a chance. In many situations, you will not always be sure that the grenade landed at your feet. In hectic combat situations, it is common for both sides to shoot grenades for a while, and it may be harder to figure out the timing – but it is definitely worth a try.

If you throw a grenade yourself, you can prevent it by simply shooting it – whether in the air or landing. A single shot instantly launches a grenade. This can be useful whenever you try to kill and destroy the enemy.

Go ahead as a last resort against grenades

If you can not return the grenade back, and there is nowhere to run, quickly go prone. If you are going to do not only allow you to reduce damage to the grenades, you can let the assailant believe you are dead.

This is even more useful when you get into a fire, whether from a firing grenade or through the environment. If you want to bow down, you will reduce the burning effect shortly and again to allow you to regain health – or heal.

Picking up your weapon will not change your set

In Battlefield 5, you can pick up the weapons of dead enemies from the ground, as you've always done in previous Battlefield games. The only difference, this time, is that you do not actually change the rest of your set – or class.

In other words, you only select the dead weapon of the dead player. If you started life as a health care professional, you will remain a doctor until you die. It can be fun while pursuing weapons that are not available for your class, but do not expect the rest of the player to be transferred.

You should also note that the weapon you raise does not always have ammunition.

Tank classes are important

You may already be familiar with the Light and Heavy Battlefield class structure of Battlefield 1, but Battlefield 5 takes this step with its updated tank mechanics.

At the top of the limited ammunition and repair capabilities that we have previously covered, the tanks now also have turret rotation speeds that vary according to the class and types of specializations you've unlocked. Light tanks will be able to whip turrets faster than heavy tanks. This will make it easier to slip and surround the tanks as an infantry player, so remember it. Another important change in the combat tank is that alignment of sight is not always accurate in a third person's view.

While you have the obvious advantage of being in the third person to see yourself in the vicinity of your tank, you will not be able to accurately capture your shots using third-party sights. Instead, get used to shooting from the first person, especially if it's a sneaky or long shot.

You should also know which part of your tank has been hit. If your tracks suffer many damage, you will not be able to move, but you may be able to do some damage. Do not let go immediately. Remember that 3D staining is no longer in Battlefield 5. A backpack that is not moving is harder to recognize. This is actually something War Thunder and World of Tanks will know very well.

Just sit a little and wait for your opportunity. Turn the turret and take a shot. Then you will return to the secret mode until you get another chance, or someone will hear your cries and come to repair your beaten machine.

You can shoot down burns

Reconno dirty flares may be the most important helper of a class in Battlefield 5. Run one of these enemy sites to minimap for the entire team. The fire is higher and you get a bigger coverage area.

This is known, but there is a big change made by DICE to see flares in Battlefield 5. In some kind of in-space justification of how a tool works, you can easily see the flare in the air, something like a very primitive UAV. This will often be suspended by a small parachute, which will be withdrawn at the end of its duration.

You can simply shoot it before it happens, which prevents your team from getting stains. You will not always see it in the sky because players can burn the flare inside or hide it somewhere. But that does not change, because you can still find and destroy it.

Do not overload the fortifications

The new fortification system in Battlefield 5 is certainly much easier than to ignore, but it offers fantastic tactical benefits if you deal with it. Sure, not everyone wants to sit around stacking sacks on the site of the destroyed walls or guesthouses to prevent grenades from entering, but the fortification is much more.

When we dealt with the class and the breakdown of combat roles, support is better for building fortifications than anyone else. They also get other options that are not available to other classes.

Still did not believe? Imagine that you have the enemy infantry to be right where you want it. You can simply do this by surrounding a point with barbed wire and sandbags. Most players will not think they are destroying them, so they will look for another entry point; it's your chance to jump them.

You can do the same for the tanks by creating tanks on the tanks to stop them and take them to more dangerous ways. And just as it can be used to prevent enemy progress, you can use fortifications to stop the destruction. You can rebuild the bridges, create an envelope in the middle of anything by kicking the porch or consolidating a defensive position that has been recently poured and level. You can also build a power station for your team.

Once the flag is captured, it is always a great idea to start building a supply and health station. Everyone can do it, and you often see that teammates always help when they discover someone who tries to challenge them. There is no adverse effect on it, and that is something you should always do if you have a few seconds to save.

All this and more can be done using fortifications and you can easily find out what's available by selecting a building tool (by default, T). You should also keep in mind that your fortifications can be used against you, so do not exceed-fortify the point if you plan to leave.

You can destroy the V1 / JB2 rockets before they hit

The V1 or JB2 shuttle is the most devastating tool available to infantry in Battlefield 5. It's a lot of cooperative requirements, but if you manage to target a busy place, you get five, maybe ten kills – not to mention getting rid of the majority enemies and fortifications.

Though these rockets may not be devastating, there are a few things you can do to prevent or reduce their damage. Pilots flying around can have one for the team and fly their heads to the rocket. It immediately kills them, but also pulls out a rocket and saves many people on the ground.

This step is complicated when you pull out because you often do not know where the rocket is headed. This means that it is easier to do in large operations due to a limited number of goals. In Conquest, you can try to guess on the basis of the available points that are currently being questioned.

For infantry, it may be useful to determine if the rocket is friendly or not. The easiest way to decide is to check the side of the map. Again it is not easy because you will need to know where you are in relation to the cooperative, and quickly and quickly. If the missile comes from your team's general, you should not be afraid.

Of course, the rocket impact will hit you no matter if you find yourself in a certain radius, but it's the difference between an instant pause in action or a way back to the screen. If everything else fails, you can always run away.

All weapons begin with vision

If you're tired of the early grinding that you have to do in every multiplayer shooter to get some basic weapons, you'll be glad you know you will not be back in Battlefield 5.

You will have instant access to several different attractions for your weapons, which you can equip once you start playing. Attachments in Battlefield 5 are just cosmetic, so grind instead moved to armament specialization (specialization) – right now you'll be balancing weapons.

Functions traditionally mapped to attachments, such as a lower kickback with a compensator, have also become part of the perk tree. Take a moment and read the description before you decide to invest.

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