Wednesday , July 6 2022

Black & White Hospitality launches a new division to expand its global reach


The Hospitality Society of Marco Pierre White, black and white hospitality, has now signed a contract that is based on franchise offers around the world.

The company led by Chef White and Chief Executive Officer Nick Taplin has secured a partnership with RMAL Hospitality to create Black and White International.

The black and white international first two places to be launched will be in Abu Dhabi and will include the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill at the end of 2018 and the New York Italian to be opened in March 2019.

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Jihad Hazzan, CEO of RMAL Hospitality, will now work closely with the newly-created company to further expand the global appeal of the group.

Nick Taplin, Chairman and CEO of Black and White Hospitality, said: "With two locations already underway and Marco just opening an English house in Singapore, we will be looking to build our international presence with hoteliers, owners and other hospitality managers. "

"RMAL Hospitality has very good results in restaurants and hospitality and we are pleased to have launched this exciting new black and white hospitality division."

Since the founding of MasterChef Asia and Hell's Kitchen Australia, International Chef White has grown up with black-and-white hospitality that says "it makes sense" to expand its business to an international level.

The group of black and white hospitality consists of Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, New York Ital, Bardolino Pizzeria Bellini & Espresso Bar, Wheelers Bar & Grill St James Oyster, Marconi Coffee & Juice Bar, Mr. White's English Brewery.

Recently, Black and White Hospitality has appointed Brandie Deignan as CEO to lead his new franchise division.

Deignan joined British Airways Plc to lead a business transformation team, focusing on food, lounges and flight crew members worldwide, and overseeing the change of business in the experience of customers and International Airlines.

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