Sunday , July 3 2022

By mistake, one hundred Swiss jobs will be received for December-December payers


ZARC: French insurance AASA 4000 jobs have been completely malformed, usually the premium insurance is termed as usual, when they are notified that they will not allow them to pay additional taxes.

The mistake, Swiss told in Daily Times Tis Angeles Energers and confirmed by Pursuit Insurance, in an error in the midst of Assa and his home, the insurance said. The employee can return the money back in advance or take it to his pinnacle page.

XEC was not immediately instantly charged how much money was paid, but on the basis of the average Swiss salary of 85,000 Swiss francs each year, more than 30 million Swiss Francs (30 million dollars) in the region went wrong. Maybe

"There are more bad things," said an Oxford spokesperson, Tennis Enziger. "The basic thing is, all employees get the cost of christmas at first time."

(Reporting John Miller; Editing by Mark Potter)

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