Tuesday , July 5 2022

Lee Jong-suk flies back home after his arrest in Jakarta – Entertainment


Lee Jong-suk returned home to South Korea after being detained in Jakarta, Indonesia, for about two days.

Lee visited Jakarta on November 3 as part of his fan tour that included visits to Japan in August and Taiwan and Thailand in September.

By the following day, he had to board the plane to South Korea, but Lee and his team did not get away.

The Jamaican actors' pledge was published on Monday at Instagram, where it reads: "All employees and I are currently bound in Jakarta. We have been detained since yesterday." Since then, this post has been deleted.

Lee's A-man Project Agency has updated the situation through an official statement issued early in the morning.

"The planned return to South Korea has been postponed due to the unsuccessful work with the manager and (a branch of the Korean organizer of the events)." Yes, 24. Fortunately, an actor is on board an aircraft at home with the help of the Indonesian embassy, ​​"read the statement.

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The statement cited the grounds for the detention of Yes 24's illicit business, which included tax failures and failure to carry out a work visa.

He also stated that the local supplier did not provide a consistent explanation of the situation.

"We were informed for the first time Yes, 24 local tax authorities were detained for unpaid taxes, a process during which actor and employee passports were confiscated," he said. "However, it was announced at local news hours later that Yes 24 did not apply for a short-term working visa."

The A-man project announced that the lawsuit will be conducted through Yulchon's law firm based in southern Gangnam district in Seoul.

"The agency will take legal action through Yulchon and the responsible lawyer against the lead and the local promoter. All legal measures will be resolved through (the law firm)," he said, apologizing for "raising fears."

Lee was the youngest male model that came in 2005 in Seoul Fashion Week. The model switched to the screen in 2010, landed the lead role in the television series "Prosecutor Princess" and in the horror movie "Ghost". As an actor, he saw his breakthrough with the hit line "Secret Garden", which was broadcast from the end of 2010 until the beginning of 2011.

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