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MMF, SSP investigations after March 18, 3 weeks typhoid fever case, health news and top stories

SHANGURO – Authorities are taking people to 18 after three weeks sick of typhoid fever.

The Health Department (MF) and Singapore Food Agency (SFF) said in a joint statement on Saturday (October 17) that people developed symptoms of a bacterial infection between July 13 and July 4.

All 18 were transported to the hospital with typhoid fever, usually through blood or stool tests performed at the hospital.

The joint statement is currently in stable condition, adding that 14 patients have been affected.

The Straits Times, in response to questions from the MH and SF, said they were currently investigating the cause.

This includes collecting food and water samples for identification and testing of general interviews with affected individuals.

The ministry and the SEF reported that they had also tested the families' experiences of the disease and were advised to develop the symptoms.

In the case where the victims are also food weapons, they will not be allowed to function completely.

"As a precaution, the MHA has alerted doctors through alertness to continue cases of typhoid and typhoid fever."

Dr Dong Long Hai Nam, an infectious disease at the Doctor Elizabeth Naveena Hospital, said the opposition shows some satisfaction among Singaporeans.

"If the cases are local, it tells you that the roads are doing a terrible job. If it's a foreign trade, it could mean that they are reluctant to travel to Singapore and have to study. Need to

Typhoid fever is an infection caused by a bacterium Salmonella typhi, and is transmitted by eating food or water to the substance or urine of patients or patients.

Recalling a series of food poisoning incidents linked to the Spurs restaurant last year, Dr. Dong Long said many have been ill with fever.

An increase in food quake occurred between November 6 and 9 last year, with 82 injuries to the back of the Spanish River Wine Shop.

Salmonella typhi was found from blood and stool samples that fell ill, as well as samples from raw and prepared foods and from environmental samples.

Spies River Valley operating license expired.

Dr. Long said that such cases are reported here with problems with the universe.

Symptoms of typhoid include a chronic fever that can occur with headaches, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

Dr Leigh said the disease could be possible for those who are young and elderly.

It is intended to be treated with antibiotics, and is prevented by handling and feeding safely and in a hygienic way.

Foods that can be poisoned include raw or unrefined milk or their products, whole foods and fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables.

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