Saturday , December 4 2021

Nelson is happy to have Dr Tin, Dr. Ting and Li Hei Yang call me not "No"


On February 2, Dr. Tin Chung, a brother of Dr. Ting Chun Ming and Miss L. Yang, watched in the market of taxi market and there were similar hospitals.

The bike has left the lead ward league and it is the part of the AGM ROC.

He wrote Dr. Tan on his technical page, "Morning Joe, Hessen Yang, and I was invited to some emotional food center in the morning. MPA's Honey meets Kami and replaced him with cheerful and swine.

They were all seeing that the host does not have breakfast at the center of the center. There are some private thinkers that if I had insecurity with a non-related connotation.

Erdoğan Honey has written that Tando might "disguise and attack with displeasure" PM Lee will choose me for breakfast. She also felt that Dr Don and Dr. Tung were in the clothes of pink pink colored shirts while I was eating saam. Inclusion of any community events, Prime Minister himself joins most of the pink flowers.

Other attorneys did not include Dr Tank and the rest of these "me" (Kanghare) in their confusion. Note that I have not served with all kinds of vessels. Laundry, another famous swimming pool, well-known, and some people want to eat butter.

"Mama Sahi Hum Hum" I was born from James Prison in 2006

Mami Sahib, especially when mentioned, with "N", Emily has become a translator. The word "Emma Mimi Hum" (Mai Simulus) is originally generated from Gaus events which occurred during the 2006 AD.

The team has claimed that he had submitted the application form for his minority candidate. Two days later, Gaumes went to the field of elections that should post about State Report. He was inexperienced when he was told that he had not taken the money, and he told a public employee that "the result" if he was mistaken "yes". The following day, the Election Department confirmed the footage of the CCTV that Gomas was actually, put the farm into its beds and left the building without any building.

Guys apologized after the CCTV's release was released and acknowledged that he did not accept his request. He said he was disturbed by his busy schedule. But PA did not allow him to be allowed and to make efforts to create Gauss's influence and to activate it. During the campaign during the 2006 AA, Gaum was surprised by the pp, police and media for an erroneous error mistake. A police report was also against him and the police worked on the next day to call for the entry from that day. He is being investigated for "doctors of crime."

The main bulletmasters all overwhelmed the media for 7 days, attacking teams with Performance and PayPe, they are called publicly as lies. And after the election, Gomas was arrested by the police on the airport when he was flying to Sweden, where he was working. Lastly, Gomz was accompanied by "no police warning".

Mrs. Brown's Alliance "May Samai Mai"

After the fall of Gomz, Blake Lee Mein, Mr. Mr Bright, soon created a "persistent non-political podcast", in which a winner was referenced by Jeff Lopez Kleich Center. Without "tu Kwa" (pig liver). After postmasters in 2006, workers of the Labor Party James James was a legendary event. Podcast was viral and many Singapore would have heard it [Link].

In the same year in the National National Reliance in the same year, using LeTin Minne's Podcast, for instance, politics is not "a lot of fun and sport".

He said that you have hit the Talk Marco Podcast, talk about Talk Girl.

His last exclamation quickly got ridiculed as there was no "man" in the fact that in my golden gold.

Thus, some Singapore felt that LeT's statement shows that he could get out of contact with the ordinary people and in Singapore.

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