Thursday , October 6 2022

Newspaper and opinion in the Apple App Standards Hat Appeal Battle


The Supreme Court has suggested that Apple App app store is removed or if users can file it on the company.

At the feet, the court heard a verbal argument in a long legal legal war that could hardly control the Apple on Xexaging. At present, app store is the only official method for downloading apps for your iPhone or iPad. But in 2011, a group of users entered a class action suit, which was a violation of insulinclilosis.

"Our claim is that, with many sellers, many suppliers of apps, we will be able to buy them. [the apps] On a small price, a lawyer named "Dead Frederick" represented, according to a high definition, told the High Court.

Apple, however, wants to remove the Supreme Court from the suit. The reason for this: this company provides market for apps only.

On verbal arguments, how to apply Apple X storage as how to extract the XX storage, considering: With every sale, the company will take 30% off the developer. Fredrickk claims that fees can make purchases for their apps while they do not have any other purchase.

In defense of it, Apple said that no one can play any role in the app's app's cost. That is the decision to the app developer. "Users do not pay 30 percent commission," company lawyer, Daniel Daniel, told the court.

Nevertheless, some cashews showed some doubt about Apple's argument. Courts "claim the cost of their wound," Justice Sonia told Somomervir.

Justice Alina Kagan also said that not all Apple Shopping Apple Apple is through development. "I've been able to take a step out of Iple Apple with Apple's full-fledged credit card information, which has been brought to Apple."

Apple requested that the Supreme Court to be tried in 2017, the following federal court attempted the company to eliminate the lawsuit against it. If the Supreme Court rules against Apple, the company is expected to risk more dangerous laws and losses.

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