Friday , May 27 2022

Night work threatens the development of cancer


Noodle work grotesque developable cancerAfter dark human cells it goes into night mode.

Scientists have found that night work is at risk of developing cancer. According to experts, night work, because basically the replacement of sleep in any kind of alertness is in contradiction with the inner clock of the human body – this fact deals with various health disorders, including cancer.

Poluektov said that with the onset of dark cells of the human body go into the night regime under the influence of the genetic mechanism. If a person has night work and is forced to sleep in the afternoon, he threatens the development of lag failure – desynchrony.

According to an expert who acknowledged that DS, which develops through night work, increases the risk of certain types of cancer, such as women. So nurses and futuristic night shifts threaten the development of breast cancer by 40% and 70%.

Available scientific data indicates that night work may suspend the process of repairing daily DNA damage in humans, increasing the risk of mutations in cells that endanger the development of cancer. Scientists emphasize that every person during nighttime sleep is a critical cell recovery, at night resurrection, and especially night work, requiring an organism that needs to relax, concentrate and improve physical and intellectual resources, end the process. In this context, night work is endangered not only by the development of cancer – along with it, and even by obesity, metabolism collapse, diabetes.

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