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Novel Con Why they illustrate the strange soup analogy in Conte to Man Utd


Gary Neville has rejected the idea of ​​Antonio Conte, Manchester United’s next manager in place of Ollie Gunnar Solisjer.

Solskjaer under Uhr Testing This is under later Man Utd gives ices to Leicester City on the weekend. With fixtures against Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City – as well as the Champions League doubleheader Atlanta – it could be some key weeks to secure his job.

Officials at Man Utd continue to publicly track him down, but some fans are growing dissatisfied and wondering who will replace the striker.

One name that comes up regularly in conversation is Conte, who has been away from work since leaving Inter Milan in the summer.

Kante gave Inter the Serie A title last season, but their financial troubles forced them to go their own way. Chelsea’s boss will be an attractive idea for most boss clubs, considering the change he will be getting from work – if anyone is willing to pay his big wages.

Man Utd have the ability of the club to be able to appoint them if they would go to Solisjer. But Neville can’t see it happening.

“Kent is not a manager of Manchester United, I don’t think,” he said on Instagram Live (as referred to to Metro).

“I don’t think they will go for that option, personally. He is a great manager but I think some managers are suitable for a particular club and I do not think that Katie is a joint venture.

“As I say, great manager but for me that doesn’t work.

One viewer suggested that Conte was a potential title winner with the right team. But Newell back in to Jose and Jose Mourinho’s day to explain that it was not necessarily a good idea.

“I’m not in it, giving somebody a squad,” Newell said. “We tried, with the juice, ‘Give the squad a juice and we will definitely win the league’.

“We didn’t, and in the end it was a mess and everyone wanted to qualify him.”

UNITED JOBS Tips Young suggestions include Brandon Rogers (currently of Leicester City) and Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid leaving work).

But then again, Neville doesn’t think either will necessarily improve things. In fact, he is worried that the club may run the risk of bringing too much ing on others without any reward.

“Brandon Rogers to United?” No, it won’t be, “he replied. “Before Liverpool’s management, I don’t think they will go for Brandon – who again is a great manager.

“Id come zidane? Not sure We are putting out specs, putting names in the air.

“It’s like when you’re making soup and you taste it. Put a bar of ingredients in it and it’s not particularly good and then you start thinking about adding the stuff. It’ll be even better. It certainly doesn’t make it any better.

Newell is not expected to dismiss Soulsjيرr

Manchester United's managers Ollie Gunnar Solsjيرr and Gary Neville

Soulskj اr’s team as well as fellow colleague Faith Yehr have been on the current post of United manager.

Neville refused to call Solisjيرr to leave and thought that club officials would share their own opinion, rather than demanding the dismissal of those coaches.

“The club will not fire him,” Neville insisted. “The club will stay with him. The fact is that they had these experiences [David] Moyes and San Jose and [Louis] Van Gaal, I think they will stick to the plan.

Oli is under pressure but they will not dismiss her. There is no doubt about it. I know it won’t please any of you. I know some of you want a new manager.

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“I have never said that I should have fired a Premier League manager in the 11 years since I stopped playing football and that was not going to happen anymore.

“Let’s not be here. No need to panic. Everyone wants Manchester United to worry. There is nothing that can be fixed in the next 10 minutes. Stay on the plan, even if the weather, see what else this season.

“Obviously if there is no trophy or it will stay on the go as it is, then Ollie will come in under the wings. He knows that he has been in the job for three and three years.

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