Sunday , August 14 2022

Scientists call the unusual sign of longevity


Ученые назвали необычный признак долголетия

The researchers said that gray hair is not a reason to worry.Many tend to think that if a person turns gray early, it might be something terrible of a sign.

It turned out that this phenomenon is good health of a factor, the with reference to enovosty.

In addition, early graying people have a high chance to live a ripe old age.

Thanks to a special substance gluathione contained in each body, every person has a certain hair color. The old he gets, the lower becomes the glutathione of the synthesis of intensity, thus increasing the risk of diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer and other.

Early gray hair is only a signal that poison is not spent in the hair of hair, and used for more important functions. Such findings are made, through a series of experiments involving a large number of volunteers.

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