Wednesday , August 17 2022

Scientists have learned to clean water with light


Ученые научиль очищать воду светов

Experts from the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. Nikolay A. A. stated that the continent called Arctida in ancient times, several times first connected with other territories and according to the world news was disconnected.

Originally, the old continent was part of the Family – the only continent that eventually collapsed into a modern part. The collapse occurred about 750 million years ago. Later, Arctida joined Pangea, but she hung up again 250 million years ago.

Following the events above, a true Arctic continental shelf was created. Arctida specialists correlate with Hyperborea, mentioned by Pliny the Elder – a scientist of ancient Rome. According to the latest version, the continents were completely different. It is remarkable that the evidence of the existence of the other continent is still not available.

The fact that Hyperborea existed at all shows only recent discoveries in the tundra of Lovozero: high walls of regular geometric shape, wells, different sizes of blocks, plates, written artifacts, etc. appeared.

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