Monday , July 4 2022

‘Squad Game’ earns Netflix approximately $ 900 million USD release; over 40x original investment


NetflixجيSquad game‘Continuing to achieve many achievements worldwide.

On the 16th of October, Bloomberg News Announces that Netflix has earned $ 891.1 million in impact costs since its release.

Surprisingly, the figures show that the OTT service earned forty-three earned earnings that they originally earned, as the show spent $ 21.4 million US $ on it – approximately $ 2.4 million for each episode. While $ 2.4 million can sound expensive, Netflix has invested $ 8 million per episode.Stranger Things‘And $ 10 million per installment’The crown, Making these ‘squad games’ much less competitive.

Meanwhile, according to internal documents, 132 million people were in Squid Game for more than a minute, the first 23 days after its release. Of those viewers, 89% had at least one episode and Y, and 87 million, or 66%, had gone to the last episode.

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