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The boy's mestelist is going to get rid of this month "King of the Mask"


Janleen's identity on the MMC's "Offline of Mask Singer" is that he is the main source of a group prepared for a month's return!

"Do the Mass of Singer" featuring eight booty performances in the "Chandra New Year Special" on Feb 3. In the first round, John Lyon and Perrottee were opposite each other, and they were "run away" of Brunei Mars.

Not only did they get the opportunity to perform a way, but they also did it together. Powerwright Revealed Rai's "Safi", while John Lenson's position on positioning, "I love you," shows both the two major sounds.


Lot was set up for nine years specialty, including two of the vote results and solo results. Pattarott received 54 to 46 votes in both, and then took a combined vote from 108 to 91 on the next round.

To raise Pavarotti to the next round, Johnlyn indicated to reveal his master that it is nothing other than the SF9's basic requirements. He said, "That's very bad. I think that during the period I was less angry with the actual show, but I was surprised at all times, I do not remember that I How did you do it? "

Insha Allah confirms that during his reading, he has been told that he is like a robbery. He said, "Whenever I entered a recording boat, I was deducted." I was told that it is not right to get notes and cards only. It's not a good song. These words give me insight and love me with & # 39;; I tried to increase my feelings. "

Given 10 sec PRR, Manmoh said, "First, I want to apologize with my CEO, and I would like to thank you everybody who came here and SEF 9 immediately returned immediately. We promise to get better than ever. "After waiting for the interview, in the room, Anisag added," When I was leaving, the door was on my knees. It was a hobby, I would have read from me, and I I spend the station with myself. Even though I'm sad [to be eliminated]I hope everybody is a lunar new year. "

After the broadcast, Ingog took on Twitter and said, "Everyone thank you for helping me create a stage for singing. I can grow and improve. Thank you for the nature!"

Check his performances and appear below!

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