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Neutrines are neutral particles with low weight.

Physicists have used ultraline particle neutron ultrasound data to determine the massive parameters of the entire planet Earth including weight. Scientists were also able to get information on changing the density from the surface to the core. Results presented in Nature Physics, Chronicle.info reports.

They are born in many reactions, for example in the center of stars, in nuclear reactors on the ground and in the interaction of cosmic rays with the atmosphere of the planet. Neutrins interact very weakly with ordinary matter, so they probably fly from the ground.

However, some particles are still absorbed, as can be seen from their high fluxes. This allows you to explore the intestinal site of the planet, because the probability of absorption depends on particle energy and distance traveled.

In the new work, physicists could gather enough statistical data to determine the Earth's parameters only based on neutrinos absorption. The work was done on the largest IceCube neutrino detector in the southern Antarctic field that captures past the depths of Earth's particles.

Neutrins that appeared on the North Pole had to go through the planet, including its core, for registration, and only barked at great angles. This allowed us to derive weight distribution throughout the volume.

The new method has become an independent complement to existing methods that are used to determine the properties of the planet on the specifics of the gravitational field and the propagation of seismic waves whose speed depends on the density of the medium. The results of all methods are consistent and confirm the correctness of the modern ideas and structure of the Earth.

At the moment, neutrino is not allowed to get new information about the planet, but it is not excluded in the future. For example, some Dark Matter models indicate the accumulation of substances in the centers of all large bodies and the differences in defining the properties of the core in the gravitational field and the absorption of neutrinos may indicate the presence of dark matter in the core from the ground.

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