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The Google report to developers is about dark topics



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Google has seen light – and light is warm to developers to use dark themes.

Why? Dark motives increase the charge time of our smartphones. This was announced at the Google Dev Summit this month. Google recognizes the value of dark motifs in Android apps. Motion supporting dark motifs in Android apps has been boosted by a graph comparing battery drains and profits associated with different colors

Developers of XDA some of Google's findings: Brightness affects power consumption and battery life mostly linearly; even at the maximum brightness, the dark topic can reduce battery consumption by as much as 63% on AMOLED displays; The pixel color value can affect the use of energy, "while white is the color that has the most energy."

Chris Burns SlashGear commented on the findings. "The first and most obvious information shared by Google was the brightness of the screen and the power supply, which should be fairly obvious – more brightness means faster extraction of energy and finding it not always completely linear – but it is so linear, one after another. "

After all, research can now quantify battery savings associated with darker interfaces, so why not?

After all? Several technical writers said: The Spirit. We knew it.

Chris Welch in the Czech Republic Border: "We have long known that dark mode / night mode applications can extend battery life on smartphones with OLED screens … individual pixels have to work less on dark areas of the screen."

Antonio Villas-Boas in the town Business Insider: "Dark mode is a choice that changes the overall color of the operating system or application's color to black, and it's long been associated with better battery life on devices, especially mobile devices."

Writers who reflect Google's stance on dark topics have noticed this as an option. Vaidyanathan Subramaniam v Notebookcheck: "Hopefully, this means that future versions of Android will have native Dark Level."

Arol Wright in Prague Developers of XDA stressed that Google's dark-themed entertainment was not entirely out of the blue (forgive the color reference) because the steps in this direction have already been marked. "Google has recently begun to implement dark modes into several of its applications, the most important of which is, for example, the Messages and YouTube message, which many powerful users and regular consumers have interpreted, and appears to be actively seeking to push developers into dark modes for their applications.

Meanwhile: "It is good to remember that the dark topic will not suit everyone," wrote Fazeel Ashraf TechEngage, which is another reason to support the idea of ​​options. "The white text on the black background is not every cup of tea … But even though users have the choice, it will never hurt anyone."

Readers' comments on Google's epiphany on battery life and topic preferences were much more sensitive that it was time to say something. "Have you been more than 10 years later, did your brainstorm finally come to the same end alone and millions more came when Android dropped?" there was one such reader's note Developers of XDA.

So what's next? Arol Wright in Prague Developers of XDA she had the answer. "In view of Google's new attitude towards this topic, we should get acquainted with other dark Google apps in the coming months, and perhaps even the full-blown, dark Android mode that's true everywhere." Wright's advice was that "if you are a developer, then it would be good to work on the dark mode for your application, at least as a toggle.

The new version of Android, "Pie", culminates on Mondays on Pixel phones

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