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AJ Martin corrected Martin Killian's weapon, balanced one day later

Yesterday 21:30

Switzerland begins the opening day of the first match of Switzerland 1-of-1 with the East-Africa Zone Desk Cup after playing tennis.

(UPDATED 22:15)

Aussie Martin's Swiss unit Henri Lakkensen had an equalizer for Slavic colors in Bratshaw's NNC at 6: 2, 4: 6, 7: 5.

Slovak tennis player Martin Kleizan.

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Saturday's program will open for $ 16.00, with Phillips Polanski and Igor Zellie playing against Marc-Anderson Hustler, Lakson.

Martin launched a rocket against Henry Lakkensen, which he knows himself well from the tourist tournament and the Swiss League. Double the opponent's bid and make a decisive 4: 0 lead in the first set. Andre Martin did a good job, artificially changing the composition of the game, which was true for Henry Lakkinson. With most changes, he was able to run the Swiss and make him fail.

In the second act, Henry Lakerson's service improved the comeback and interception and kept pace with Andre Martin. In the state of 3: drillings from 40: 0. Although he did not use all three knockoffs, the celebration was successful at the end of the set when 5: 4 state Andre Andre Martin took over.

Hundreds were given the team very quickly, at the start of the third set he swung it at the Swiss hand in a state of 3: 1 and 5: 3. Henry Lakkerson closed with one eye and in the next few minutes 5: 5 but lost his ground again in a deep match. 6: 5 The second time with the aid of this test.

"The conditions under the NCC openings were my favorite and I enjoyed the court. It has always been a great honor for me to represent Slovakia in the Davis Cup, it is a dream come true." Done I've Got a Balancing Point – The Beginning of the Match Out of Hope.

The risk of lacrosse is dangerous and many have made many mistakes. I knew it would gradually get better and on the rhythm, as it happened. It's a pity that in the second set I didn't use too many Bibles and I ruined it. Luckily, at the dramatic end of the third set, I had my upper hand, " Martin said in his first response to RTVS.

Hundreds of team captain Dominic Hetabetia would get a 1: 1 result in the match after the first day. "It can be expected that the front will be in the vigil, but there is no point in the game. Martin Klaus has not fought against Rahman. He has made a lot of unexpected mistakes, inevitably quickly. Try on

Andre Martin perfected his creative intentions. We anticipate that his controversial game could play for Lacson, which was confirmed. In the third set, Laukerson helped him with two unforced errors on the first 5 years and gave him a break. "

First Asia-Africa Davis Cup Zone:

Slovenia – Switzerland 1: 1 After the first day

Martin Clausan – Cerro Ahlstr 2: 6 (6)

Osage Martin – Henry Laukerson 6: 2, 4: 6, 7: 5

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