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Are you there too? Find out if you have a serious sexual problem!


Women who remove hair from regular hair are not at greater risk of chlamydia or gonorrhea. According to the BBC News Portal, a study focused on students revealed this.

The results contradict previous research that they can Bright and waxy wounds on the skin that can contribute to the transfer of sexually transmitted infections.

More active with a higher risk of sexually transmitted infections

In a small study conducted at Ohio State University, 214 women participated. They ask how often and to what extent their curly hair will be removed when examining sexually transmitted diseases. 53% of them had their hair removed every week during the week, and the second was during the last month, with only 10% having a positive test for either cilia or gonorrhea.

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Findings In an investigation published in Paul One, the findings did not show a link between "excessive hair removal" and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. According to them, the risk of infection was the same for all women. They claim that These findings are more accurate than previous studies because they also accounted for such factors as sexual reasons, income, race and age frequency.

Women who are more sexually active with more partners and are at higher risk of getting an infection are also going to end up with hair. Most of the women tested were women.

How to increase the risk of infection?

The author of the study, Jimmy Luster, believes that it is important for women to know that the information they find online or share with their friends may not always be there. There are other steps she can take to reduce the risk of STDs.

"Not having sex in a safe way. If you are sexually active, ways to reduce risk are the proper use of condoms, low sexual partners and menopausal relationships, and common traditional diseases of HIV vaccination.

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